Monday, June 27, 2011

Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair '11 Recap

Hey Everyone! This past Saturday I was the 3rd annual Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair in downtown Jersey City. I liked the turnout last year and knew that I had to do it again this year. It was great to see that this event was larger and outdoors on a nice summer day. They had music performances,  good food, beer, and great vendors. I have to say that everyone lucked out with the weather being nice, because it was supposed to be ugly.

That day I was all alone and was unable to have any fellow Branded Baron supporters come through to help me sell. It happens, but luckily my friend Anderson of Bluu Dreams was near my tent, so I can occasionally chit chat, during any slow periods of the day with him and his fellow helpers. Also, I made sure I treasured any conversations I had with whoever stopped by the table. I do enjoy talking about the brand, informing people about it, and cracking jokes and making sure you leave the table happy.

The day started off a bit slow in the beginning of the day, but people came by checked out the stuff and bought. It wasn't until early evening/late afternoon where it got packed. One downside of being by yourself at an event like this is if you're hit with a bunch of people, it's hard dealing with everyone at the same time. I don't like to make people wait, but I'm glad everyone was patient and they left with some good Branded Baron items. It was good to see some previous customers come by and buy something new. One previous cusotmer came by on his bicycle with his son in bicycle seat basket( I have no idea what to call it, I've never seen it before, but thought it was cool), and he was unsure what tee to get and let his son choose the color. Cases like those I feel like I should have children size tees. I also met some pretty cool people that came by, like a couple that really loved my stickers to another that felt the designs strongly related to them and bought the last tee I had left in those styles. It was also great to see people I haven't seen since high school.

I personally had a real good time and I think you would've been able to see that, not saying that I don't always have a good time. Some shirts are sold out, so if there's a tee you want grab it, because I know I will not be reprinting the shirts. I'm sorry I couldn't get more pictures of the event, but I tried to get what I can and take photos of those who let me show they are now Branded Baron. Take a looksie.

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

It was really cool, because he wore this t-shirt after he bought it.

Early in the day.

She really loved this color and the design, which made me feel really good when I heard the compliments. I know she was contemplating whether to buy it or not for awhile, but I know she was happy with her purchase.

This is what another crafter was selling

Another view of another table that day

The Branded Baron t-shirt rack

Crowd and vendors

He and his girlfriend(below) were very cool people. They really liked the t-shirts. He got hooked up with the matching poster. Yea, they're both stunningly fresh!

They're stunningly fresh! I hooked them up with a bunch of stickers. I try to hook it up.

Some sort of doll

Another vendor table
A jewelry table

Rocking the new Branded Baron logo tee

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tomorrow- Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair

If you're around downtown Jersey City come on by to the Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair. Pick up a Branded Baron tee or two and/or chat with me. It'll be fun with music performances, food vendors and other vendors it's sure to be a delight.

The Morgan Lot 107 Morgan Street
Jersey City, NJ
Saturday, June 25th, 2011
11am - 7pm

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Go Skate Day! Recap

The first day of summer also happens to be Go Skate Day, so I headed over my old stomping grounds for an event at the Union City skate park. Mark from Underground Skate Shop told me about this event awhile back and I had to go and support. It was ran by him and Bump Skateboards. I ended up seeing my boy Blis(you can see the little photoshoot I did of him skating here), Quim Cardona, and more badass skaters. There were contests throughout the day and these kids can throwdown. I came through to take photos, pass out some stickers, and give away a couple tees. Mostly Blis took care of passing out the stickers as I saw him sticking on them everywhere. He's a good dude. The event overall was a success and it was good to see them giving back to the community.

I took a hell of a lot of photos, so I'll be updating this post with photos constantly. In the meantime, before I take a break here are a couple to look at.

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

I like to think he's kicking him in this photo.

Blis and I
(photo by Dyandre Motta)

 Yes, he's performing while the skaters skate wearing the Born Original, Don't Die a Copy Tee

Just one of the Branded Baron tees given away, besides the stuff from Bump Skateboards and Underground Skate Shop. Yes, that's a Branded Baron sticker in the pic as well.