Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April 3rd-Branded Baron apparel will be sold at the Brooklyn Indie Market

April 3rd from 11a.m.-7p.m. Branded Baron will be selling apparel at the Brooklyn Indie Market. Located under the red and white striped tent between Smith Street & Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

So come through, chit chat or chat chit, purchase, or both on April 3rd. It should be a great day, since the Brooklyn Indie Market is reopening for Spring time. Don't you worry if you can't make it, you can always purchase shirts from us online and there will be other events where Branded Baron will be sold at.

To visit theBrooklyn Indie Market website.

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March Madness Sale will end April 7th

What?! The March Madness sale is extending until the 7th of April?! That's right! The NCAA championship is April 5th and the sale will end a day after the winners get to celebrate their first day as champs. April 7th at midnight the prices will go back up. So definitely purchase the apparel while you still can at the incredible insane price that is up. Spread the word about this sale, because there's probably some who do not know. Also, let's go DUKE!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Urban Legends Shop in West New York, NJ has Branded Baron apparel

Happy Monday, Everyone! I know everyone's not a fan of Monday, but hopefully it'll be all good. If you saw the Branded Baron facebook and/or twitter the other day, you would've noticed that Branded Baron apparel can be bought at Urban Legends Shop in West New York, NJ. It's a really cool skate shop. They have apparel, custom skate decks, trucks, wheels, stickers, sneakers, and more at the store. Also, if you have a son, daughter, niece, nephew, or anyone interested in learning how to skateboard and do tricks, you can go there and book a lesson with Blis, their skate pro. He'll take you to the skatepark that's down the block. The owner, Rob, is a cool guy and so is Blis, so you can stop by and chill there for a bit. It definitely has a nice feel when you enter, with the brightly painted walls, graffiti painted canvases, a clean look with some fresh gear. It's definitely a cool urban boutique and you should check it out if you're in the area.

The address is:

Urban Legends Shop
6128 Park Ave(at the corner of 62nd street)
West New York, NJ 07093

I took some pictures of the shop with my cellphone, because I didn't have my camera on me. You can be a fan of theirs on facebook as well. Become a Fan of Urban Legends Shop on Facebook. Also, if you are not a fan of Branded Baron, become a fan. Become a Fan of Branded Baron on Facebook

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Branded Baron stickers can be seen in the picture above and below.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

UFC 111 Branded Baron Recap

So last night, I went to UFC 111 in Newark to see a great card of Mixed Martial Arts fights. If you didn't know, I'm a fan of martial arts and I've trained in a couple disciplines and I still currently train in Gracie jiu jitsu. Being a fan it made sense for me to create a MMA influenced design. There will be more limited edition Branded Baron mma influence designs. The "To Live Is To Die" shirt sold out and after speaking with Anthony, we decided we will not reprint it. Those who own it, owns a very exclusive shirt. I rocked it last night, but my girl rocked the Lion design on a white t-shirt(a href="">Click here to purchase, which I feel can be worn at pretty much at any event.

Back to last night. It was an amazing experience and I was like a little kid attending his first professional sports game and being since I've never attended a UFC event it sort of was. The last time the UFC was in New Jersey was in 2008 I believe, so I wasn't the only one who jumped on the opportunity to attend this sold out event. The New Jersey fighters were 3/4 last night. I didn't know Greg Soto was from Jersey, but Jersey's own Jim Miller, Ricardo Almeida, and Kurt Pellegrino won. I predicted the correct outcomes except for the Shane Carwin and Frank Mir fight. I really thought Frank Mir would've won and I'm still disappointed he lost. Shane Carwin is a good fighter and I hope he beats Brock Lesnar, I guess I'm more of a Frank Mir fan or i really wanted to see Mir vs. Lesnar 3. Oh Pelahares won his prelim fight, but when a person taps you let go and do not have to have the referee pry your arms from the hold. What was weird was I saw Wilmer Valderrama from "That 70's Show" & "Yo Mama" fame. I didn't know he was a fan of mma. While everyone was rocking other brands, I made sure I let the people I walked by and all the people sitting behind me know I was wearing Branded Baron. I have a blurry picture with Frankie Edgar with my shirt and a picture of myself after the event, where it was a bad picture, because the shirt looks bad and I know first hand it's not. The print is fine, but the picture doesn't do it justice. My girlfriend captured some video, but I would upload it to youtube, but I don't need Dana White or the UFC suing me. Other fighters that were there, Chuck Liddell, Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones, Matt Hamill, Renzo Gracie, and Frankie Edgar(both who cornered Ricardo Almeida, but also stayed to watch the fights). Georges St. Pierre dominated and I knew he wanted to finish with a submission, so it was no surprise when he was disappointed in his performance. Overall it was fun and I'm glad I went.

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Here are a couple of the many pictures that were taken and believe me I have a lot more.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Life Not Lived Is Lost

What a quote?! A life not lived is lost. That's true and we all should live it up and have fun. We should take risks and try things out. Carpe Diem. Nothing like an inspiring quote that can help you get motivated.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vote Branded Baron in IAmTheTrend's March Madness Tee Competition

So, Branded Baron is in this T-shirt March Madness competition hosted by Iamthetrend. The prizes would definitely help us a bit provide some more Stunningly Fresh apparel and goodies to you all. If you help us move onto the next round you'll have a chance to vote for Branded Baron again to keep us closer to the prize. Please vote and if it's any constellation we do have $10 t-shirts right now ;)

Go here to vote, you can only vote once each round:

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Branded Baron March MADNESS SALE!!!

WOOHOOOOO March MADNESS! So it's been decided that there will be a crazy March Madness sale. All items are up to 50% off! T-shirts are $10! What?! Yes, $10. All of the other apparel are marked down as well. I know, I can't believe it's not butter either! It is as though everyone over here at Branded Baron is as MAD as a Hatter!

Not only are you getting the shirts lower than usual, BUT some lucky people will be receiving some limited edtion shirts. These are different color combos of the lion king designs were printed for exclusive shows that we sold them at. I doubt they'll be printed with these colorways ever again, so these are more exclusive then our other shirts, because our other shirts we may reprint another small batch again. Enjoy! Below is the video of the me explaining the sale.

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Need A Match? Branded Baron Has That Fire! Part 2

Yes, Yes, Y'all! We won't stop, because we can't stop! Here's another sneaker matching one of the Branded Baron shirts. For those that were unsure how to match the Aqua "Listen To Your Heart" shirt, well it is. These SBs are sure to match it and personally I love rocking them with that. I'm sure you can find these online or at your local sneaker store. These are the perfect kicks to match, because it matches to a TEE. Corny? Yes, but it's true. lol If you know of any other kicks that match this shirt, do let me know, so I can post it. To see the first installment of our match series, Click Here

To Purchase the Aqua "Listen To Your Heart" design for Men : CLICK HERE for Women: CLICK HERE

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I love the old school, vintage look of this picture

MUSIC DOWNLOAD- Jay Wise "Supra, Jordans, Dunks"

Jay Wise records another song about his sneaker addiction over the instrumental for "Beemer, Benz, or Bentley". This is another song to anticipate for "The PRE-Fresh 2" cd from Jay Wise. Enjoy the song. Listen & Download

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P.S. Match your sneakers with some Branded Baron shirts.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Branded Baron FRESH Coast sponsored artist Okwerdz w/ music featuring Mistah Fab, Lush One, & Slug from Atmosphere

"I'm going, going, back, back to Cali Cali" The West Coast or as the hip hop scene over there refers to it "Fresh Coast" is definitely different from the East Coast. It's cool there and I'm not saying it's not cool over here, because I love New York City, they're on two different levels of cool. Cali has definitely shown Branded Baron love and we have nothing but love for the people in California as well. It definitely appropriate to sponsor a rapper from the West Coast. Underground/Indie rapper "Okwerdz" hails from Stockon and is a pretty good rapper that kills it on the battle scene and makes good music. The Source Magazine gave him the "Unsigned Hype" title in March '09 and that's pretty big, since it recognizes very talented rappers. Biggie and Eminem are just two of the many people given that title. He's worked with many people from Kool G Rap, Techn9ne, Chino XL, Mistah Fab, and Slug from Atmosphere just to name a few. He's had mixtapes hosted by Dj Green Lantern and Big Mike and he tours all over the world. Okwerdz has been is a very unique rapper and I would definitely check his music out. He has a new mixtape called "The Offseason", which you can download off iTunes. Okwerdz is a cool down to earth dude that knows how to do his thing. Expect to see him rocking some Branded Baron gear in pictures and videos.

He hooked us up with a pretty good song for everyone to download. The song is called "Different Class" featuring Mistah Fab, Lush One, and Slug from Atmosphere. This song is one song of many off the cd "Fresh Coast: Non Perishables Volume 2", which features other west coast emcees.


Okwerdz's new mixtape. He has a song called "Shoe Check" that reminds me a little bit of Jay Wise's "Sneakerhead". Do I see these two working on a song in the future? Jay Wise worked with one of Techn9ne's producers, Seven and Okwerdz worked with Techn9ne and they're both sponsored by Branded Baron. hmmm? Sounds like it could work.

Daniel Joseph on Rocky Dennis Tour 3/12 @ BlackFlagShoppe

The Rocky Dennis Tour stops at Black Flag Shoppe tomorrow, March 12th.
Show starts from 8pm-11pm

Performances by Dez, Nobs, Daniel Joseph, Deal The Villain & DL Mentplus.
Come through have a good time, chill with other artists, purchase some shirts, and let this be the beginning of your night.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Branded Baron New Sponsored Band is Croatia's "TOST"

The music just keeps on coming! This time, we're going international with the Croatian band TOST. TOST would fall somewhere in the categories of hardcore rock and punk. You may be wondering why Branded Baron would go for a Croatian band and a good ol' fashion American band? Well music is universal and we support music from all over. We do have people rocking Branded Baron across the globe and this is one band that stood out for us. Why can't we share some of the talented bands that are across the seas? There's great potential in this band and they should be given a chance. This upcoming band had an EP in 2007, but now working on a full length album. Expect to see some Branded Baron shirts in their upcoming music video.

Listen and Download their song, "Another Silent March" for FREE Here

Here is the info on the band members of TOST:
Tomislav Matic: Vocals
Darijan Dundovic: Bass, back vocals
Vedran Iskra: Drums
Petar Brkovic: Lead guitar
Ivan Brajkovic: Rhythm guitar, back vocals

Be a fan on facebook & visit their myspace page

They'll be on the road in Europe, but before they do that they have a mini-spring Croatian tour. If by any chance you head to Croatia, catch them at a show.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Teecraze shows love for "To Live Is To Fight" T-shirt

I'm glad to see that TEECRAZE continues to show love to Branded Baron. Everyday on TeeCraze, there's a bunch of new designs that they gather from a bunch of websites. I appreciate that they can post a link to our shirts. It's tough to post a bunch of different shirts that are available daily and they do it well. Thanks.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

PREORDER-To Live Is To Fight

Happy Monday! It may be Monday, but that doesn't mean we should be unhappy. I have good news for you! Branded Baron will be releasing a NEW shirt very soon. We're taking Pre-Orders for our new design entitled "To Live Is To Fight". This design is our first MMA/Fight influenced design and we kept it simple, but stunningly fresh. Not only is this phrase true for the fighter and fight fan, but it remains true with dealing with the hardships that we all have to go through everyday. We have to give it our all, our blood, sweat, and tears to survive and to do what we want.

Here's some more info about the Pre-Order:
Pre-Order this shirt and get FREE shipping until this Friday, March 12,2010. Shipments of the shirts should be out next week.
There will only be a very limited amount printed, so secure your shirt by preordering it today. This shirt will be printed on Branded Baron's soft unisex t-shirts.
I know we're only holding the pre-order for a short while, but we want to get this shirt out as soon as possible, because there's a ton of fights this March and we want everyone to watch them with this shirt on. I will definitely be rocking this shirt when I watch UFC 111 in person. Even if I wasn't attending, I'd watch the fight at a sports bar with this shirt on. Hey, if you think this shirt is for mma fans only, don't be silly, it doesn't matter if you're a boxing fan or not into fighting at all. Branded Baron tries to make sure we provide you with some hot looking shirts.

Order Yours Now, because we only plan on having very few made. Branded Baron shirts are limited edtion shirts, but there is no plan on reprinting these shirts one or two more times.

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30% off w/ discount code "Hurtlocker"-1 day only

Hurt Locker was a good movie and the Academy recognized it by awarding the movie "Best Picture". Now you may agree or not, but let's be serious Avatar was not that good of a movie. The acting was bad, the script was bad, and only the visual effects is what gave the movie life. Great visual effects can only take you so far.

Since Hurt Locker won the Oscar, you can get 30% off your entire order with the discount code "hurtlocker". That's right, no space in between the words. This will only last for one day, so get what you can before Tuesday. This is a little spontaneous treat for March Madness. Check back soon, for more March Madness

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Friday, March 5, 2010


Madness is coming! That's right people, it's March which means March Madness is right around the corner. The NCAA is near, St. Patrick's Day is close, there are a bunch of mma and boxing fights, here at Branded Baron, we have a couple of our own additions to this month. To see what we plan on doing check back soon.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Raw Flava Bboy Battle w/ Hip Hop performances Recap 2

Here are more videos of the event with an interview with Daniel Joseph and an exclusive verse. For that interview we wanted to test everyone's vision, so we did it in the dark. I know, it's a fail on Branded Baron's part, but the video did look crisp when it was being filmed. I just need to make sure there's always good lighting, so this problem doesn't occur. Enjoy the videos and a pick up some stunningly fresh apparel after. ;)

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Courtesy of for the final battle footage

Music Download: Jay Wise- Feel Like Flying

Here's the latest song from Jay Wise. This song is produced by rapper/producer XV and has Jay Wise getting a little deep. It's always worth listening to when Jay Wise has a song out.

Download and Listen To "Jay Wise-Feel Like Flying" Here

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