Monday, May 28, 2012

Listen to episode 15 of The Blatant Minority

     This past Saturday I was a guest on the podcast "The Blatant Minority" along with my good friend and Branded Baron associate/supporter plus law student, Alex. The show discusses politics and news, both local New Jersey and national very openly and a sort of in your face style. It's suppose to make you think, be informed, and have the citizen engage in what's going on in the community. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to politics, but I do take an interest and I try to keep an ear on the topics mentioned in the country. With the "Land of the Greed" tee you can definitely see the interest. Since, I was on the hosts Larry & Deeds first podcast a year ago and had conversations with Larry on some agendas, it worked out where I would arrive on the show. I decided to bring my friend Alex, who I thought would've added a nice balance and share some of his Libertarian viewpoints, which I believe went very well with the group.

    This is a podcast that I support 100% and it's good that there are shows like this out there for the public to hear. I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea and that's fine, but if you have an interest on intelligent conversation with opinionated tangents I think you might very well enjoy this. We discuss a variety of topics from the decriminalization of marijuana in New Jersey, the necessity of  politicians speaking their minds and the truth to the presidential race, Ron Paul, receiving a ticket for walking and texting, and more. This episode is a long one, which comes close to 2 hours compared to their normal hour episodes, but the discussion went great that it couldn't have been stopped short.

    I definitely appreciate and thank Larry, Deeds, & Hector for promoting Branded Baron and plugging it every week and allowing Alex and myself to join in on their show. I recommend you check out their website listen to the episodes and read some of the articles that are posted. It doesn't matter if you're liberal or conservative to take in these views with an open mind and see what is being said. Not everyone is going to agree and that's fine, because that opens up the floor for a healthy conversation.

Here's the link to the post of the episode on their website or you can subscribe and listen to this on iTunes.  Also, Like them on their facebook page.

Here is cohost Daniel Deeds showing off his laptop with the new Branded Baron sticker.

Here's engineer/producer Hector Ticonderoga putting the sticker on his laptop after the show when we were all just hanging out.

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Justina "Route 80" Mixtape

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share with all of you one mixtape that I've been listening to lately. It's "Route 80" by Justina an artist that blends hip hop, pop, rock, and dance in her style. It's a cool mixtape with some good songs on it. I'll admit, there's some songs that I'll skip over, but there's some pretty solid tracks worth listening where you'll definitely appreciate her talent. Some notables are "Dream on featuring. Maino", "Eyez on Me", "When I look at you", and my personal favorite "BOOM, F*ck it". Actually as I type this post up, I'm actually listening to Justina.

You can go to her website to see music videos, her tour dates on the Warped Tour, and listen to her music. It's If you want to listen to the mixtape and download you can visit Dat Piff here.


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Memorial Day

I know we're all enjoying the long weekend, but let's not forget what today is about.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Statue of Liberty Stickers

New stickers are in and it is of the popular Branded Baron "Statue of Liberty" design now as a 1 color. This will be given out with every order, while supplies last of course, but maybe if enough people send messages through e-mail, Facebook, twitter, or what have you, there may be a sticker pack for sale.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Video of New Branded Baron Shirt Sneak Peek

Hey Everyone! I'm excited to show this video. It is not because it's good and to be honest it's very amateurish(it's a shame, I know), but to showcase the new shirt that will be released TOMORROW May 24th. I personally feel that the Lana Del Rey song that is playing during the video works very well with the concept of the new design. I'm excited to release the new shirt and I will post a blog post about me talking about the concept and design for it. In case you didn't see the video this might be a spoiler, but the first Branded Baron v-neck will be released as well as the regular awesome tees.

Watch this, share it, and enjoy.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coin Vanish magic trick


What's crackle lackin', Everyone? As some of you may or may not know, I enjoy seeing magic performed. It's something that always caught by interest, especially when it's done very well. The magician captivates the audience's attention and can wow them trick after trick, whether it's coin magic, card tricks, etc. My interest magic and card decks is what helped influence my King of Clubs t-shirts in which it was supposed to be in "deck of card series" that I decided to scratch. One more side note is the Joker's Wild design that was supposed to be in that series is released with the new button pack. Now away from the not so subtle plugging of those products, I do enjoy learning some magic tricks and have fun putting on a little routine for people. It's not so often when I do so, but I've done it.

This video shows one of my favorite tricks to perform and Mister Lee Digital was cool enough to record this. We discussed about putting out another video, so maybe you'll get to see me perform a couple tricks for your entertainment. Honestly, I think I chose the perfect beat for this video too. Don't you agree?

Enjoy the video of some Branded Baron magic. I hope you like it. I know I showed this to people and they're guessing or confused on where the pin vanished to. 

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Monday, May 14, 2012

DJ B-Fine needs votes in Malibu Battle

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to share that my friend DJ B-Fine is in a competition and needs some help with the votes.  You can listen to his mix as well as the other contestants and then vote your favorite, but I think you'll like B-Fine's. You can click and like it here

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Design Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek of a new design that is coming out very soon. Can you guess what it is? Feel free to guess what you think it might be on the Facebook page. Click here to guess.

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Google can't search for Chuck Norris

This was funny. Type in "Where is Chuck Norris" in Google and if you click the first link.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fly Kickz Mini Documentary "I Am Fly Kickz"

Here's a little video behind Dez and her company FlyKickz. Dez is the owner and designer for the custom sneaker art that she produces as well as the accessories she puts out. She specializes in custom hand painted wearable sneaker art, FlyKickz Sneaker art canvases & more which I think should be shared. Dez is usually at all the sneaker events like Dunk Xchange and Sneaker Pimps and she's busting her ass to show off her talent. Dez is cool people and FlyKickz is well fly, so check this video out.

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Tough Mudder 2012 More pictures

Here are just a couple more pictures from the Tough Mudder event.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tough Mudder Pennsylvania 2012 Recap

Hello All! I know it's been awhile since I posted something new and I apologize, but I've been busy enjoying life. This past Sunday I participated what is highly known as the toughest event on the planet, TOUGH MUDDER( Now if you're unfamiliar with it, it's a 12 mile event with various obstacles that is the brain child of a former British Special Forces member. So basically people pay to do a bunch of a crazy stuff like sliding across pond with electric wires dangling above you to jumping in various cold water obstacles. In order to get through these obstacles you definitey need a team, some you can getaway doing on your own, but you need the camaraderie by the end. I ended up with going with a friend of mine and two people where he trains his martial arts. It was suppose to be 9 people on the team and ended up with 4. 

We arrived at the Poconos Raceway park and had to be shuttled to the event. When you arrive you see this sign from Dos Equis, which was the beer sponsor.

It's a funny quote, but true. We got ready and had to climb over a wall to get into the holding area, before we left. The emcee hyped everyone up, warned us that this course will kick our ass, and let everyone know that veterans with no legs and other such injuries participated in this event and showed they were tough enough. Tough Mudder donates to the Wounded Warrior Project which is great. Everyone was ready to take on the course, earn their orange tough mudder headband, and beer. Let me tell you, you earn that goddamn beer.

The first 3 miles were no sweat and had fun obstacles like crawling under barbed wires in the mud and jumping into a tub of ice water. Okay, the latter wasn't so much fun and had to be the worse part behind the electric shock, although that was pretty cold. You don't expect the water to be so cold, but it hits you. The obstacle has the great name of "Artic Enema". I shit you not. 

After a couple miles, you start feeling the burns in the legs and I had a bum knee going into this, so I wasn't too thrilled. It was rough, but the obstacles were fun as much as they were brutal. Climbing the first set of walls were fine, but when you had to do them near the end of the course and the walls are higher forcing you to have someone help you climb up to the top, sucked. I was shocked that the carrying the heavy logs sucked a lot of energy out of me. By the time I reached the end my legs were shot, especially my calfs. One obstacle called "Twinkle Toes" where you had to walk across a thin board that wobbled, where you if you fell, you fell into cold water wasn't a great outcome. Well I got across, which was the objective and I was fine with it, but my leg cramped up that I was pretty much crawling to the other side. Hey, the point was to get across and get across dry, which I did, if you didn't like the way I did it, I didn't care. Maybe next time I'll test out my balance. Also, the "Electroshock Therapy" sucked. It was at the finish and I knew I had one good sprint left to clear this 20 feet of dangling electric wires, but that didn't end so well. I cleared all except maybe one, which I will admit dropped me a step after I cleared it. My legs calfs cramped up so tight, I could not get up. I had to have these two other participants who were kind enough to help me across the finish line. Luckily my right leg was a bit better where I was able to walk like I was on crutches. Of course the time I ended up across the finish line, my legs gained full mobility and I was able to walk again. Why didn't my teammates helped me? Well they were crossed already and they figured I was right behind them and didn't need to worry. I wasn't the first person to drop from the wires that day and I doubt I was the last. At least I was shocked once and not during the electric eel, which was the sliding across the water with the wires dangling above you.  

Even though I finished, I didn't like the way I did and would like my revenge on that course. All I do know is that there were some military participants and when they walked I felt good, but if they were jogging and I was walking, I felt like the only pussy. One group of guys were dragging this big ass tire around with them. It was amazing. One obstacle you had to climb up and over these very wobbly web of rope, so wobbly people were on the other side holding the bottom tight, so people could climb on it. Anyway, this military group had to lift this tire over it and it was quite the feat. It took I think all 5 or 6 of them to get it over. Everyone clapped when that was accomplished. 

I can go on and on about the this event and how cold it was and how everyone was bitching for no more water at the end of the course, but I think I'll stop and show some pictures and videos.



Since you really can't see the shorts I was wearing, he's a close up. Definitely represented the double B's at Tough Mudder.

Once the Pennsylvania video is up, I'll post it up on the blog, but in the meantime here are some other videos.

Also, since this was such a humbling experience, the "Be Humble or Be Humbled" t-shirts are on sale, so purchase one or two, before it's back to the original price.

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