Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Interview on FKN-Famous.com

Here is the latest interview that I did that was for FKN-Famous. FKN-Famous is a really cool site, focusing on clothing companies, female models, artists, singers, djs, lifestyles, and more. I really do like checking it out. I definitely like to thank Jerry from FKN-Famous for giving me the interview to give Branded Baron some more exposure to those who may not know about it. I did answer them seriously, but I also felt like being a bit humorous too. Hey, you have to have fun doing what you do.

Read the interview here

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Branded Baron turns 2

Hey everyone! It's Branded Baron's 2nd anniversary! Enjoy the code and thank you everyone for helping making Branded Baron possible. It's been memorable so far, but the hard work is showing.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Branded Baron Pop Up Shop Recap

Hello everyone! I know it happened almost a week, but I needed some time to think about what happened before I posted it. I've been asked how was it and I respond positively, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. People tell me that it was a success and it had the elements and yet I think I'm just too nervous to say it was. Reason is, this was Branded Baron's first official event and I was very grateful that the owners at Draft Picks lent their store to us. It was great to see both parties working together to get a good event for the public. They got the food and cooked it and I personally got in touch with the performers. Let me tell you I was nervous and stressed. I was probably very stressed during the event even though I had a smile and a good attitude. Putting any event is just difficult and the headaches that occur suck. For anyone who has done it, you know. For anyone who plans on doing it, you'll soon find out even if you cover every scenario it almost goes without saying that you'll experience one SNAFU. I was very happy that the rain went away and it was a beautiful sunny day that Saturday.

In case you did miss the pop up shop, here's what you missed. The whole store had nothing but Branded Baron tees stocked. There was the Draft Picks exclusive Baron Crown tee, which was a black tee with silver metallic ink that matches perfectly with the Metallic 5's. Yes, there were awesome sneakers to buy and match with your Branded Baron tees. In the back, which actually was you had to go around the corner to the back of the building was the BBQ. It was a chill spot, beside the inside, and outside of the store. I was chitchatting everywhere. It was a real cool social gathering of various people from professionals to close friends. Honestly, I felt really humbled by the people who came out. I didn't know what to expect. It's said to expect the worst and hope for the best, well I'm a winner and wanted to keep the positive energy, so I didn't imagine what the worst would have been. Honestly, I really didn't. I was nervous, but that never came across my head.

Also, the performances were cool...Ok, so everyone jammed into the store made it hot, but the performances were on point. Draft Picks gave away some limited edition Jordan Posters and I gave away some Branded Baron tees to some lucky winners. It was fun overall. I think it went well, but I know that certain areas could've been improved. Maybe I won't ever think any of the events were success, but I'll let the people who were there decide. Everyone had fun and people bought Branded Baron tees, so woohoo! One of the owners of Draft Picks, Zeak, told me he wants to throw another event. ::shrugs:: Who knows what will happen? I would love to have a Branded Baron pop up shop in various stores across the nation. I just have to keep building this brand and I appreciate everyone helping out.

Thank you to everyone who came out! Honestly, if it wasn't for you the event wouldn't have gone the way it did. All the performers, photographers, videographers, fans, friends, and supporters I really appreciate you coming out! Thank you. I look forward to having another event in the future.

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Below are some more pictures from the event. I'm going to show the performances in a separate blog post.

 Addicted to Jordans

 Andy(one of the owners) at the register

Draft Picks put up their new sign that day and on the outside the Branded Baron banner was shown. Much love for the love that was shown from Draft Picks. Thank you.

 Getting the money out for their new Branded Baron tees! 

Shout out to Gee aka Lil Bomb from LilLoveDriven apparel. He came out showed love and we talked for a good amount of time.

 Chi rockin the original "Don't Be A Hypebeast" t-shirt. Honestly, I think Draft Picks might have a couple left. They might.

Tiff practicing to shoot like a basketball player, since Draft Picks has a shooter in their logo.

I honestly don't know how they saw any performances, because whoever was sitting their view was obstructed.

Thank you!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Qn5 Megashow '11 Recap

Hey Everyone! Yes, before I post the recap of the Branded Baron Pop Up Shop, I wanted to let you know about the ridiculously awesome hip hop show done by the artists at Qn5 music. If you have never seen or heard of Tonedeff, Cunninlynguists, Substantial, Kokayi, Mr. SoS, and PackFM you're missing out. They make good music and I mean that. Yes, I'm a fan, but they do make some good music and are worth listening to. They all do shows, but only once a year do they have a megashow with the whole roster. What other label puts on a show with all of their artists performing? On top of that, I think they can out perform anyone. Just check out the video to see what you missed out.

Here are some pictures as well.

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