Monday, October 31, 2011

Take This Lollipop

Happy Halloween! Here is a treat for all of you mwuahahahaha! Well check this site out. It's a bit creepy, but it's pretty cool video. Unfortunately it works if you have facebook, so if you do not it will not work. It's worth taking some time to watch this.

Go to

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Light Show 2011

Christmas time you see the lights going along with the music, but this time it's Halloween lights. The lights of this house light up to the song by LMFAO "Party Rock Anthem." If you're not tired of that song and like these lights moving along, check it out.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Another Sneak Peek of the Branded Baron Royal Rebellion edition

Oh yea! I hope you enjoy this glimpse. I hope this gets you salivating for some new stuff that's on the way.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Tana feat. Baiyu "Live in the past"

Here's a song for you all to listen and download by Tana. The beat has a chill, soul, reminisce feel to it and maybe that's why the song is called "Live in the past." The chorus is done by Baiyu and she definitely holds it down when Tana finishes doing his thing. I say listen to it, because you may just vibe to this. I'm not sure when Tana's project is going to be released, but I'm sure I'll let you know, but follow him on twitter at!/followmetana

 Tana Feat. Baiyu ''Live in the past'' by Tana !
Download the song off his soundcloud page here:

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Comic Con in NYC 2011

Comic Con was back in New York and here are some pictures of who dressed up and what was there. I had a good time with Tiff. I rocked my "The Force Graff" tee one of the days. Yes, I had a 3 day weekend pass. What can I say Comic Con is fun, especially if you like video games, comics, movies, and art. One thing I found odd was that there were a couple clothing brands there this year. It was held in the Cult Courtyard and I saw brands such as Mishka and Kid Robot. I ran into Paulie Hussle from Real Deal Radio and he thought there was a Branded Baron booth, but no. Maybe next year, but I really like going to that as a fan and do not want to be focused on business when this is something I go to have fun and relax my mind. Who knows?

 Shout out to David from Seibei, Bryan aka Doctor Hazmat, and the big dog Johnny Cupcakes himself. I definitely had a good chat with each of these individuals and they're cool people w/ cool brands. They get the stunningly fresh co-sign. 

There were celebrities that were there like always and some were roaming around. Tiff and I were chillin in the same booth that Seth Green was in and he bought a lot of stuff from Comic Con. He was definitely seemed like he did not want attention. He did treat people who came up to them with respect, so he's not a celebrity douchebag which is great. He did have a good looking girl with him and he wasn't as short as I thought he was, but still not a tall guy. I really wanted to give him one of my Branded Baron tees, specifically the Force Graff tee, but I figured if I ran him into again and we conversed and he was interested I'd do so. There are certain boundaries that need to be respected, especially when they're chillin. 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander was roaming around snapping photos with fans. He didn't shock me, maybe because I've seen him perform his stand up comedy routine in New York before. It's funny the first time I saw him perform the only thing I can think of was him talking about masturbation jokes. There were other celebrities that I missed, but whatever. I'm trying to figure out why Chad Michael Murray was there. I only know him from One Tree Hill and that terrible horror movie he did with Paris Hilton. Whatever, he seemed to enjoy taking photos with all the women that came up to him.

 I had to get some art from some artists that were there, because I enjoy good art. One thing that I will share is if I do get a comic book, I love good drawn art. I hate bad art in comics and I do not care how good a story is if the artwork sucks it is a waste of money to me. That's how I feel about that. Anyway, here are some photos that I took.

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In case any of you were interested. lol The books people put out lol It's a parody from what I saw.

Thunder Cats for the win!

Tiff w/ Johnny Cupcakes

The Avengers stage at the Marvel Booth

Tiff chillin outside

Taking a break from the awesomeness

If you watch G4 you know who this is.

Classic Tron costume


I'm still trying to figure out why Chad Michael Murray was there

Bryan of Doctor Hazmat

I first met Buddy Scalera back in college when he lectured my web design class and I found out he was a photographer that helped comic book artists with great reference photos. I saw him at Comic Con picked up his latest book and he signed it and hooked me up with a Comic he wrote. He's a good guy and very passionate about comics and if you're interested in drawing comics or just starting on an awesome composition pick up his book People and Poses book which is available at Barnes & Noble. I bought the Colossal Collection of Action Poses.

I saw Erik Jones last year and bought his Medusa print. I picked up another great print this year, which is entitled "Blossom". I really like the stuff he makes. You can view his work here:

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Look here appeared!

Shout out to Duff Man!

Day 2...oh wait I think she was throwing up the peace sign.

That's just pretty damn cool!

Judah from 30 Rock and David from Seibei

Awesome idea. I'll see you next summer Tom Hardy. lol

Xena Warrior Princess

Staying true to Cammy from Street Fighter. I wonder how many guys took pictures with her.

Freddy's Wife? Oh wait, Freddy Krueger is a child molester.

Any Halo fans out there?

The Rocketeer