Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Branded Baron Photos At Black Flag Shoppe

So, yesterday I stopped by Black Flag to chill and I just so happened to also bring a new customer. While walking towards the store, it was great to see one of the mannequins facing the world with a Branded Baron shirt. It was cool to see another shirt as the first shirt on the hang rack when you walk into the shop. What is even better than being visible is finding out people have been purchasing the shirts as well. So, if you have bought a Branded Baron shirt, I would head over there and buy one, before they run out. Don't worry I'll make sure Black Flag is restocked, but it may be restocked with new designs and/or color combos so get what is there while you still can. I took some photos of the shirts at the shop.

Black Flag Shoppe
244 Lakeview Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07011

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Rock Bash

Branded Baron sponsored band, Zodiac is performing along with a bunch of other bands this Memorial Day at Arlene's Grocery in NYC. Zodiac is an up and coming rock band that pays homage to classic rock, but delivers a nice hard rock modern twist as well. They released an EP a couple years back, but now they're getting ready to launch their first full album, Born Again. They're a good live show to watch with good music. It's very possible that you may have a chance to grab a Branded Baron shirt that will be tossed into the crowd. Who knows? Either way it'll be a good time, but let's not get distracted what Memorial Day actually stands for.

Arlene's Grocery
95 Stanton Street
New York, NY

Start Time: 8pm
End Time- 5a.m. May 26th


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MUSIC DOWNLOAD- Jay Wise Feat. The Gem N I "Got My Shades On"

Here at Branded Baron, we are music lovers. It only makes sense Branded Baron to sponsor artists and support the music. The artist that we want to share with the world is a hip hop artist by the name of Jay Wise. Jay Wise is an M.C. from Washinton Heights, Manhattan and is always stylish. He's Fresh from flow to his kicks and is a perfect fit with Branded Baron. If he tried to be and look like someone else, then be supported by Branded Baron would come about, because we focus on the originality of YOU. Being Branded Baron is being branded a unique individual.Jay Wise is also a member of the Corp Cartel, who's group won awards such as the Best Latin Hip Hop Group for the Underground Mixtape Awards. They released two mixtapes hosted by DJ Carl Blaze(R.I.P.) and L.Boogs. He brings along crew members from Team Mile High, The Gem N I on this track "Got My Shades On." The title may sounds like it's about fashion, but do not get it twisted, the lyrics are creative. Not your normal Hip hop track, which is good. Download it and Blast it!


Jay Wise Myspace
The Gem N I Myspace

For all the Rock lovers, don't worry we have some music coming your way too!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ladies Sneak Peek-Pegasus

This sneak peek is a nice hint of one of the female shirts that will be released by Branded Baron. Here is a glance of what the front and back will look like. A nice pink on black female cut shirt. I don't know why some people that see this right away think unicorn. This designs fits very nicely with one of the other designs. I feel this be a popular choice, I know some women who wear this proudly. What can I say? I sold some, before it's in stores and released on the net. It's just a little taste to get the mouth salivating.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Buy Branded Baron Shirts At Black Flag Shoppe!

Branded Baron has unofficially launched in a sense that you can buy shirts at Black Flag Shoppe in Clifton, New Jersey. Black Flag Shoppe is a great streetwear boutique that is definitely worth checking out if you're in the Passaic County area. It's definitely a cool spot to chill, pick up some new clothes, spray cans, skate decks, and more.

So if you pick up some Branded Baron gear, you might have an exclusive shirt that won't be for sell when Branded Baron officially launches. Branded Baron and Black Flag Shoppe in store exclusive? Maybe I'll keep it hush hush, right now.

Black Flag Shoppe
244 Lakeview Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07011

Here are some pictures to give you a taste of Black Flag.

SHIRTS ARE NOT ON GILDAN! I'm not a fan of these shirts, but the shirts are in the box. Branded Baron shirts are soft and fits the body like a glove.
Yes, I threw up the cheesy smile, but my Branded Baron shirt matching my hoodie makes up for it. I color coordinate.
This is only a taste of skate decks.

Need caps or jackets? No problem, BFS has it.

You will be seeing Branded Baron shirts at this store now

The Freddy Krueger's. Something for you sneaker heads.
More kicks, but not everything that is in stock.

Books, CDs, Dvds, Magazines on hip hop and extreme sports.

I love walking into the store and first seeing the Run DMC prints. There's a bmx bike upside down and is not just a tire resting on the wall.

Branded Baron on Twitter

Follow Branded Baron on twitter! It'll give you a different view of what's going on. You may see some information on the launch and some exclusive images that will not be revealed on the blog, until it is ready. It'll be a bit more personal than this here blog. Let the tweets begin!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Branded Baron Launching Soon!

Hello Everyone,
        This is the blog for all the latest updates and details for Branded Baron. It will be launching soon , but you can see some of the current preparation for the general public
. I would like to show some pictures of the shirts in the boxes ready to for purchasing. I look forward to giving you a behind the scenes of the world of Branded Baron and more news on being stunningly fresh. 
                                     There's nothing like seeing  a fresh patch of shirts ready for the public.

                                      A sneak peek of the one color combo and hangtag. This combination will be available for both guys and girls.

Another picture of some packaged shirts. The full designs will be revealed in due time.