Monday, August 27, 2012

Branded Baron turns 3!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

F-ing Awesome Music video by Jay Wise

What's going on?! I want to share this awesome music video with you all. The homie Jay Wise worked on this song and had a cool music video that compliments his style very well. Here's a little tidbit, the "F-ing Awesome" tees you see were printed by Branded Baron. Due to all the "f bombs" this song isn't suitable for work, so I wouldn't blast it. Enjoy.

Follow Jay Wise on twitter @jaywise31
Visit his site at

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Boston Tee Party Recap

     Hello, World. On the Saturday, the 11th was a fun event called the Boston Tee Party, which consisted of 3 speakers in the early part of the day and then a whole convention on sneakers. Now, I'm very weary of doing 1st year events. because the outcome usually is never good, but being a t-shirt fan I decided I wanted to do it. I may be weary, but I also like to support those trying to do something cool. The turnout was okay, but I know next year once they lock the one speaker who couldn't make it due to one of his store's anniversary, it would be completely packed with people.

     The speakers were good to have, especially if you were new to starting a t-shirt/clothing brand, but if you were running your business for awhile it may not have been anything so new, but a refresher course. I did take some notes on my iPhone, which probably made me look like a jerk texting through their lecture, but I was paying attention. The one speaker that I wanted to watch, turned out to be a disaster. His whole speech or lack of was to be about brand loyalty. I've been a fan of branding, so I'm always interested to learn about more tips on brand loyalty. The fellow had a couple good points, but he was all over the place and cursing way too much. I'm not offended by anyone cursing, but if you're trying to be a professional talking to other people who are professional or want to be, then you may want to clean up your act. Pretty much, you only drop a "F-bomb" when you want to help emphasize a point or if people are dosing off and you want to wake them up by catching them off guard with it. I don't know if the dude was trying to relate to the people or what not, but he did have trouble making his points because of his random tangents. I wanted to speak with this dude later and see if I can actually pick his brain and make what was not a good speech into a better experience, but he straight up bounced in the beginning of the 2nd lecture. The following speaker was a photographer who talked about using a photographer for your shoots and pros and cons of using a professional compared to your friend and with/without models. Those two were what I remembered. The last speaker was a screen printer and my apology to him, but I decided to finish setting up the booth since I already know about screen printing, the different inks, etc. Also, I was able to hear some of his lecture from where I was, so it wasn't too crazy.

      After the speakers went on there was a break for lunch and everyone to finish setting up the booth, before the bands and the rest of the public are allowed to come in. Once everyone was good, the public started coming in. It was good to meet and catch up with all the people at the event. A lot of people were popping their event cherry, which was cool. I shared any info and tips I had to those I spoke with, because I wanted to. I'm a firm believer of helping out and sharing your knowledge, you don't have to share all of your secrets, but sharing some can be very appreciative and go a long way. It's not like I know a ton, not in the least, but I know I had some tips that I knew would've be helpful. Some of the setups were pretty good and made me feel like garbage for not doing it big, like I should have. The best setup was definitely Candy Effect Clothing, Nlightn Apparel had a good setup as well, and there was this other company that I couldn't remember, it had a foam gun shooting out birds.
     I enjoyed myself, which is key to any event I participate in. I liked talking to people, but I was a bit upset I didn't get a chance to talk with everyone, which sucked. It was nice to see Regan Smith Clarke stop by. It was to good to see Lori and Pete of Cavata Clothing again. Tiff and I had fun chatting it up with our booth mates Renot and Stacey of Nlightn and Sean and Nate of Candy Effect. Big shout out to Jared of Design Juices and Tee Gazette now known as Indie Minded, who came all the way from the U.K. SOMEONE please explain to me Europe's logic. He's from the U.K., but instead of flying directly to the U.S. from there, he had to fly to Germany to fly to the U.S. How is flying to Germany than going to the U.S. cheaper than flying directly from the U.K.? Other than that hilariously flawed logic, it was definitely good to talk to him. The internet is great to start up conversations with people, but speaking in person is by far superior. I had nice conversations with B of B Toasted, which is a brand that has a funny and a bit of a twisted sense of humor, Justin of Monstros Apparel, Jason from Among Villains, GJ of Lil Love Driven, Chaz of Vicious History(who might be a bit cooler if Facebook is right in the fact that we share the same birthday), Nader of Labyrinth, and the organizer of the whole sha-bang Kelly of IndieMinded/Teegazette/Saucewear. Shout out to Gag Order for coming through and interviewing everyone. I'm a bit disappointed there was a problem with the audio for my interview, because it was fun interview, but check out one of their recaps here.

Next year should be ten times better, since the first one got all the kinks out. I'll take more pictures, since I barely took any. I'm curious to see how next year's event will turn out, since will consist of other indie enthusiasts and not just t-shirts.

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Jared, Myself with B of B Toasted, and Tiff while Lori ignoring the camera

Nas painting

Candy Effect Clothing next to the Branded Baron booth.

Nlightn Apparel's booth on the right of Branded Baron's

Tiff and Lori of Cavata.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Element Tree stocks Branded Baron

Hey! I'd like to announce the newest retailer to sell Branded Baron shirts is Element Tree. Element Tree is located in Weehawken, New Jersey and is a cool spot. If you're looking for clothes, art, or art supplies like spray paint Element Tree is the spot to check out. Serringe is a cool dude and I had a nice conversation with him that added another spark of inspiration in me. He definitely had the graffiti art in check and there artists that come through, so check it out. It's one of those stores that I would've loved to have or even known about of one when I was younger. Here are a couple pictures of the store.

(Graffiti Supplies and Clothing)
561 Hudson Avenue
Weehawken, NJ 07086

Monday - Saturday
10AM - 7PM

Tel: (201) 766-5588

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Astrohop tee matches Jordan Gold Pack

Sneakerheads around the globe, I want to let you know that the Astrohop tees and tank match very well with the Air Jordan "Gold Pack". 

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

P.S. Also, if you're on Instagram follow me at @brandedbaron as I try to post pictures that will not be seen on the website.

Gag Order's Boston Tee Party Recap

Hello, Everyone! The above video features a couple brands like Branded Baron who participated on at the Boston Tee Party. Unfortunately there were audio issues, so you cannot hear the interview I had with Gag Order. You would think the guy who designed their logo would at least have his interview be fine, but it happens. I do like the beat in the video and you can see some of the quality from everyone in it, although it does look odd when you see people speaking and there's no sound from their mouths. Regardless big shout out to Gag Order for coming out and supporting the brands. I appreciate it and I know everyone else did too.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Hmag Lackawanna Music Festival August 18th

Tomorrow is the Hmag Lackawanna Music Festival in Hoboken, New Jersey and there will be a Branded Baron tent. The event is free, so it'll be good to come out and check this music fest. It's from 12-10pm. I hope to see you there.

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The Goal is...

Hello Everyone,
     I wanted to share this with you all. Some of you may have seen this on instagram ( @brandedbaron if you want to follow) and I think it's something that is worth sharing. What will be your legacy?

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tee Gazette's Boston TEE PARTY August 11, 2012

This Saturday I will be at this event up in Boston that I think will be a really good one. It has speakers for those interested in learning on improving their business or t-shirt brand. There will be performances by some brands and there will be a good amount of t-shirt vendors since it is Boston "Tee" Party.

Below is the info on this event. I hope to meet new people there.

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

What is it?

The Boston Tee Party is a way for indie brands, artists and designers to come together to showcase their work while networking and meeting peers, retailers and customers.
When is it?
August 11th, 2012.
Speakers – 12pm-3pm (open to public with proper ticket)
Expo/Bands – 4pm-9pm (open to public with proper ticket)

Where is it?

The event will be held at the Carson Place Facility at the Boston Teacher’s Union Hall. The address is 180 Mt Vernon Street, Dorchester MA 02125. Their website is: Boston Teacher’s Union Hall

What’s happening at this event?

Who will be our entertainment at the event?

Sneaker Con D.C. Recap

What's going on?! Since you can't respond back, I'll assume your day is going smooth. It's a late recap, but here it is and with pictures! Sneaker Con D.C. came around and it was time to continue expanding Branded Baron in different locations. I decided to head down to D.C. with Anderson of Bluu Dreams, whom I've known for a couple years and bounced design and business ideas off of. All I know is I was excited for Sneaker Con D.C. to happen, because leading up to it there was nothing but issues that started with me checking in at the hotel with a very bitchy front desk worker to not having 1 piece for my clothing rack where I could not use it.

I requested that the Branded Baron and Bluu Dreams tables were next to each other, because we may have to help each other during the event and it turned out we did. Alan of Sneaker Con always hooks me up at a nice location at the events and big THANK YOU goes out to him. Sneaker Con always gets packed and D.C. was huge. I was very happy that it was at a larger location this year than it was last year. I was so busy during the day that I did not have the chance walk around and scope out the other vendors. It was a success overall and I'm very thankful for everyone that came by chatted up with me and supported Branded Baron. I did have fun, which is very important to me and it didn't hurt that people picked up some shirts.

Enjoy the pictures below.

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

This is me taking picture of Anderson as hes taking a picture of me taking a picture of Anderson.(Yea, I stole his line from his recap, but took out my name and replaced it with his.)

The mural that was across the street from Sneaker Con

One of the other vendors came by and picked up the button pack. Supporting each other is a positive indeed.

She picked up a tank top

Rocking the Jordan jersey and soon will be rocking that Branded Baron

A glimpse of the crowd at one point.

Brooklyn Hip Hop Recap - Photos

Hey Everyone! I know I should've posted this a couple weeks ago after the event, but it's better late than never. I'd like to thank all the people that supported the brand. The overall event was cool and Busta Rhymes killed his performance. He brought out Slick Rick, A Tribe Called Quest, Buckshot, and reunited with his Leaders of a New School members to perform during his set. Check out some of the pictures from that day.

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

Brooklyn Bodega's "Show & Prove" winner Charmingly Ghetto. I saw his performance and he definitely did his thing on his stage. 

Pharrell was there. Photo by Rob Adam Mayer

It made sense that the Brooklyn Nets were there.

The graphic designer who designed the cover of the book she's holding. The booth next to ours contained all these novels and she designed the covers for all.

You can see people on top trying to catch of Busta Rhymes

It's like a Zombie Apocalypse. The cover for the fence came down and people outside of the festival were looking in.

One of my favorite hip hop artists, Tonedeff of Qn5 Music and the latest podcast "Tacos & Chocolate Milk" with PackFM(who's booth was next to mine-I'm a big fan if you didn't know) Both Tonedeff and PackFM were definitely inspiration when I was working on Branded Baron designs and I'm very happy to see Tonedeff now own a Branded Baron tee.  I highly recommend you check out his work as well as everyone on the Qn5 roster.

Branded Baron tent. Photo by Rob Adam Mayer

Busta kept performing even when they cut the miss and the crowd rapped along with him. It was a very cool moment and you have to have a lot of command over the crowd to be able to do so.

Slick Rick and Busta Rhymes. Photo by Rob Adam Mayer