Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nickel Night Show @ The Market Bizzare

Daniel Joseph who Branded Baron has sponsored will be performing with the group Bullymouth. This is will be entertaining, so if you're around Newark come through. I'll be taking some photos and video. 


Jan 28th!! @The Market Bazarre 210 Market St. Newark NJ (Downtown Newark) 

Performing: Bullymouth, GDP, St. Joe Louis & Brokn English :SPECIAL GUESTS: Deal the Villain & Syah

Doors open at 8 Show starts at 9 

$5 at the door

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Video: Eklips beatboxes a 4 minute history of Hip Hop

This is pretty damn cool and French beat box phenomenon EKLIPS performs a 4 minute history of Hip Hop. What's also crazy is he does it in one single take or at least that's according to the Youtube info. Either way, to knock out all these songs from 80's to now, is fantastic. He kills it no doubt.

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Skaters check out Maloof High Ollie Challenge

I thought that all the skateboarders out there might be interested in this competition. Here are the rules and skate shops that will be holding this competition. I know the closest one for me is the one in Bayonne, so hopefully I have time to head on by and check it out. For more info go to

15 skate shops will run a contest on location throughout the month of January to see who can do the highest ollie.  One winner from each of those shops will be entered to compete against pro skateboarders at the semi-finals at Magic in Las Vegas February 14th.  We will also run a viral High Ollie contest through The contestant with the highest verifiable ollie will one spot in the semi finals.  Semi-finals will consist of the 16 skaters and a group of pro skaters. Top 4 from the semi-finals will go on to the finals at the Palms Resort and Casino on the 15th. Grand prize is $10,000!
Click the links below for more details:

01/15          MIA Skatepark @ MIA, Doral, FL
01/22          Pitcrew   (if rain on 01/23) @ Fredricks Skate Park, Fredrick, MD
01/22          Skate Park of Tampa @ SPOT, Tampa, FL
01/23          Skateworks (if rain on 01/29) @ Derby Park, Santa Cruz, CA
01/23          Endless Ride @ City Park Under the Bridge, Wichita, KS
01/29          Cowtown Skateboards @ Cowtown, Tempe, AZ
01/29          Escapist Skateboarding @ KC Indoor Skatepark, Merriam, KS
01/29          Liberty Boardshop @ Shop Parking Lot, Brea, CA
01/29          Index @ The Pier Skate Park, Kennedale, TX
01/29          Cals Pharmacy @ Cals Pharmacy, Portland, OR
01/29          Val Surf @North Hollywood Park, North Hollywood, CA
01/30          NJ Skateshop @ Below the Bridge Skatepark, Bayonne, NJ
01/30          Reign @ Central Bucks Family YMCA Skate Park, Doylestown, PA
01/30          Familia Skate Shop @ Familia Skate Shop, Minneapolis, MN

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The Beat Geeks "Popular" Snippet

Check out the snippet of the Beat Geeks song "Popular". I know it's been awhile, since I posted something about their music so here is a sample. Click here to listen.

Also, watch the video to learn about their #popular campaign on youtube. Yes, Dex is wearing a Branded Baron t-shirt.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Disco Fries new remix "Kick Us Out"

Check out the latest remix produced by the Disco Fries. They remixed Hyper Crush's "Kick Us Out" and it's a good party track. Download and listen to it here  It's not for everyone, but if you dig this type of dance/ house music check it out.

 Hyper Crush - Kick Us Out (Disco Fries Remix) by DiscoFriesMusic

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Music by Dub FX

Earlier today I was hanging out with my friend Nick at his recording studio and he showed me this videos and music by this Australian guy called "Dub FX". He's a street performer who puts a whole song together live in front of you with a loop machine and only his voice. Check out the videos below to fully understand what I'm talking about. He definitely has some entertaining songs. Someone needs to give him some new clothes, because he looks quite bummy. Either way I recommend you checking out his stuff, because it is different and good. You can hear his music here:

He explains what he does, before he performs.

Nick and I were thinking just how funny it would be to hear the audio from the video or even standing in the room while he's recording this, because you won't be able to hear everything that he hears in the headphones.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photo of the day- The Stereo is No Less Than Stunningly Fresh

This is an e-mail I received and it's pretty cool to see. If you have pictures of you wearing Branded Baron or showing a Branded Baron sticker on a surface send it to

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Black Flag Shoppe Stop

So, I stopped by Black Flag Shoppe a few minutes ago and it's always good to head there. I ended up picking up this book featuring art by El Mac and Retna called "Alianza". I knew about them for awhile and a physical copy of anything is always a lot better than saving an image on the computer or bookmarking a website. I chatted up with Les for a bit, which talking to either her or Omar is always a pleasant talk, and it's always interesting to hear what they have to about the fashion world. They've been in this business for years and they always have a gem that they share, which I take into consideration every time I work Branded Baron. Here are some photos and the book I bought is at the bottom right in the picture with the Branded Baron belt and the books entitled "Boob." So if you're by the Clifton and looking for some hot stuff and want to see the Branded Baron apparel in person, go to
244 Lakeview Ave, Clifton, NJ 07011 They're closed on Mondays.

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You can see the Jersey Devil design there.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Music Download- Jay Wise's "Sneakerhead" + Video(NEW VERSION)

For those who may not know, I posted back in October of '09 Jay Wise's song "Sneakerhead". Here's a video and link to download for the newer version of this song. This song has a good beat and if you're a sneaker lover, you will dig this song. Enjoy and spread this like the plague.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chuck Norris did what with your mother?

Fellow friend, fan, and Branded Baron supporter, Alex came by to buy a Cool Club sweatshirt for himself and he stumbled across my girlfriend's Chuck Norris's Facts book. Well I always found them and funny and Alex was reading away, I thought why not share some with you? So, here is a little video of some Chuck Norris facts that you may not have heard before.

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh....and away from Chuck Norris's beard,

P.S. When Chuck Norris gives you the finger, he's telling you how many seconds you have left to live.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11/11 SALE

This is the first sale of the year, so why not kick off with something great for everyone for 1 day. Some t-shirts will be as low as $7 and of course the items will be priced low as well. Unfortunately discount codes are disabled. Pick up some tees while they're available. Enjoy.

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Awkward Jersey Devil Story

This video has me explaining an awkward moment while wearing the Jersey Devil sweatshirt. Even though it's  our interpretation of the Weird New Jersey legend and does not promote negativity, it can put yourself in an uncomfortable position, especially by accident. The story builds up, so bear with me.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 Recap - Better late than never

It's amazing how 2010 has came and went. 2010 was part of the first year of Branded Baron and it was cool. There were ups and downs and more ups. It's definitely great to see the progress being made each day and I couldn't have had this company be where it is now without all you supporters out there and all the people now Branded Baron. Here's my recap of 2010 with the notables of each month with certain highlights linking you to the original post. Let's proceed, shall we?

January-The beginning of 2010 and it was pretty good. The first winter collection was released the previous month and it was still building momentum. I posted the first shirt and sneaker that match that month, because you have to dress to impress when you go out. I went to the Haiti Benefit Showcase that was held at Black Flag Shoppe, because that earthquake in Haiti totally ruined the lives there. It was a very good outcome and I made sure I donated to help out those who needed it. The performances were cool with highlights by Rasheed Chappell, Mishal Moore, and Daniel Joseph. Also, Branded Baron was featured on a couple more websites such as, IAmTheTrend TV, and Anthony and I were interviewed for Other goodies was the Astrohop stickers(should they make a comeback?), the Corp Cartel song, "Do You Want Me?" available for download, and the Katie DiCicco/Jay Wise New Year's song collaboration(which her fans from other countries constantly check).

February- This month had a variety of stuff happening. There was the post of the Behind the Scenes of the Corp Cartel music video, which features Branded Baron and myself. There was the unfortunate t-shirt appearance that female comic Anjelah Johnson wore on her Comedy Central standup show. There was another Haiti Benefit with UFC Champion Frankie Edgar and UFC fighter Ricardo Almeida at the old martial arts dojo I trained at. Anthony and I decided to have contest by predicting the UFC outcome and we did reward with a discount code for predicting correctly as well. I enjoy having interaction with the public and this was a good way to start that. More music was released like Daniel Joseph's mixtape "Gone Fishin'". I think my favorite highlight of that month had to be the Raw Flava Bboy competition, because that was entertaining.

March- March was a big month. The Hurtlocker won Best Picture of the year and beat Avatar, so there was a discount. I really thought that was a good film. A very big feat was releasing Branded Baron's FIRST MMA inspired t-shirt. It was great, because I wore that shirt when I went to my first UFC event to see George St. Pierre regain the title in Newark for UFC 111. Also, we decided to sponsor the band Croatian band TOST and West Coast rapper Okwerdz. New shirt and kicks were posted, so you could match, as well as the Jay Wise song, "Supra, Jordans, Dunks" and "Feel like Flying". There's no way you could forget the crazy March Madness sale with one of the funniest images posted. I announced the first event we'll be selling that Spring, but the best post for me was telling everyone Branded Baron is stocked at a new store. Being stocked at Urban Legends Shop was a good look for us definitely. 

April- Right off the back, there was a contest to win Branded Baron Apparel over at You can read the recap of the Brooklyn Indie Market and I appreciated the help from Tiffany and Danette. I also met Ray of Lowdtown, who's a cool guy and helped answer questions I had. I loved the fact that I was able to design for the t-shirts and warm up jerseys for the youth travel basketball squad when I was younger. That made me feel like Branded Baron was like Nike. Iquan of the Artoholiks gave Branded Baron some love on his blog. Iquan and Jen of the Artoholiks definitely show love to all the art lovers and I appreciate the support they show. I don't know why there was no recap of the Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair, but I showed Jersey City what we had to offer. Fresh Quito Magazine showed love to Branded Baron at their Manhattan fashion show/party. Branded Baron designer Danette was featured in Weird NJ magazine and you when you look at it now, you can see where the Jersey Devil design originated from. If you never got these buttons, maybe you can request for us to make some more, so you can add them to your collection. April was definitely an enjoyable month for Branded Baron. :)

May- May was a busy month, because Danette and I had to have the Summer Line ready, so it could go into production. I gave some sneak peek's of what is to come with the Red Baron peek and the Space Can t-shirt, that also has some footage. There were more photos from the Fresh Quito Magazine show, which was always good to see. I received an e-mail with a picture of a Branded Baron sticker on a vending machine by a fellow fan. Of course there was music from Okwerdz and by the Corp Cartel, which happens to be a very big hit for them.

June- Oh the month when Summer begins, thinking about it brings back memories. The Summer line was released and I printed up some logo t-shirts to give as an exclusive surprise to those who made a purchase online. I was able to get Branded Baron in its 3rd store, Fresh Kickz, which was very exciting. I was interviewed along with Tony Bregga, Jay Wise, and the rest of Corp Cartel for internet show Rockland World Radio. Another online radio show I made an appearance as a guest was over at Real Deal Radio. Thank you to Crusafix for the hook up. I was able to have another indie rapper by the name of L.I.F.E. Long to rock my shirt. I appeared in Jersey City again to sell at the Creative Grove Artist Market. I would appear another two times that month, once with the help of my younger brother, and another summer day enjoying the atmosphere with a black eye. The black eye only occurred due to my training in jiu jitsu and had nothing to do with me beating down a thief who tried to steal shirts. I started to showcase "The Branded", all the people that wear or soon will wear Branded Baron on the blog. Two shirts and one pair of sneakers make a great match and if you don't believe click here. Danette tells everyone that they're awesome, while we discuss the designs she created. Luckily I was able to have future videos look better, but you live and learn. A couple sites show the double B's some love, which is always a positive sign. Josh of sent me a picture of him wearing a Branded Baron tee while meeting with UFC fighter Shane Carwin.

July- Receiving a photo of a DJ at a popular New York nightclub rocking a Branded Baron tee feels good and I'm glad DJs' and other music dig what Branded Baron has to offer. That DJ in particular was Gian Martorella and he had a pretty good summer mix as well as some others. The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival was tons of fun. I met a bunch of great connections, from Maxine of the White Train to DJ Brown Boi and DJ Lady Essence of Soul Exchange radio show. Keith and Tiff definitely held down the fort when I went to go explore and see the rest of the festival. That day was fun and thanks to them to making it go along smooth. Since I did meet DJ Brown Boi and DJ Lady Essence, I was invited to head to the studio as a guest. I try to hook people up and I thought Jay Wise would fit perfectly,so I brought him along. Those were fun times. Jay Wise even shouted Branded Baron in this short track of his. July was a hot month(did you see what I did there? Hot. Get it?) and it was great seeing people rocking Branded Baron tees and tank tops.

August- I know I posted a video before with Alex discussing how he wants to make his Branded Baron tee glow brighter in the dark and the reason for that being said was we went to a Manhattan nightclub and he was wearing that t-shirt and it glowed. Awesome? I think so. You may know I'm a fan of the Beat Geeks and August was the month we connected. You can see their earlier videos where they're rocking it or even in this black and white flick. Here's a bit of an insight of the Red Baron t-shirt, which a lot of people say look like me, but I just don't agree with at all. I shared the interview I had done with Encore Status at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival and the behind the scenes of Jay Wise's and my adventure to Real Deal Radio. I even posted a video where you see Okwerdz on his tour where he sports the double B tee. (Ugh, I know how corny that sounded.) I also did a bit of traveling as well such as visiting Montreal and heading to Boston. You bet your ass, since I'm a Yankee fan I wore my Yankees cap in front of Fenway Park What was huge for me, was promoting the Anniversary video and celebrating Branded Baron's first year on August 27th. Yea, I celebrated my birthday that same day, but I was more concerned with Branded Baron than me turning a quarter century old. Thank you for everyone who has been riding along with me.

September- I did end up in Massachusetts again to have fun at the Open Road Music & Arts Festival, which was fun times. I saw Lori of Cavata Clothing again and met some cool people. If you were interested in my trip to Boston I posted the first and second recaps in September. That's where I originally tell you about Cavata Clothing and Regan Smith Clarke. Shout out to REGAN! He's been very helpful. I enjoy building with people with common interests like Lori and Regan, because even though we're "competitors", we know the struggles to reach the top and it doesn't mean we can't help each other get to the top and be friends. Here's a good example of what I'm trying to make, say I'm the Yankees and they're the Mets, but you just want New York to be on top. Hmmm maybe that wasn't a great explanation. Moving along...Dex of the Beat Geeks rocks our Listen to Your Heart tee very nicely especially in the Beat Geeks performance. Want to know what goes very well with a guy wearing Branded Baron t-shirts? Two pretty women. My boy wanted Branded Baron to help out with his charity event for the Wounded Warriors Charity and I helped out. It's a great cause and I recommend anyone to help the soldiers out. The event was successful and Joe and the female bartender wore Branded Baron. Yeay, for Branded Baron, but really the success came to the people who helped out. I am thankful for Joe helping me out and it was good to chit chat, since it has been a couple years since we hung out. There was a cool interview done by Christina of Wings of Art, plus I show you what to do with apples. lol I had some fun times in Queens with my homie Chi and Anderson of Bluu Dreams Clothing at the World Maker Faire. We were suppose to be feeling the effects of Fall, but that day was a blazer.

October- October was a Tang Bang Twang kind of month. Oh, you don't understand the phrase, well the radio podcast Raw Radio Online gets the Branded Baron cosign and invited me to be a guest on one of their episodes. Larry, Dirty D**do Deeds, Ragusa, Kirsch, and Alien Head were all cool people and I'm sure you'll either find them funny, offensive, or hilariously offensive. Sometimes it's ok not to be stunningly fresh all the time....sometimes. My friend Ashley came with me to help out at the Arts & Main event, which was funny but cold. I felt winter creeping in and I was not enjoying it. I was able to get my Geek on for a bit at the New York City Comic Con, which is always a fun time. I'm trying to figure out why Ne-Yo had a booth there? Remember the Mentos Diet Coke guys? Well I saw them, not at Comic Con, but at the World Maker Faire. It was fun. I'm trying to figure out why I post things a month later. Broke the Emcee has been a supporter of Branded Baron on twitter and he made his way onto the blog in October. If you ever ask, "Where Da Party At?" I will refer you to the Beat Geeks song that's free to download. So the guys don't get jealous for me talking about their bandmate in September's recap, here is Luke and Iceman, I mean Bobby Drake of the Beat Geeks. Also, bandmembers of the band TOST were caught playing with Branded Baron tees on. HIGH FIVE GUYS! Fine, we won't. Oh, I can't forget Sneaker Con. That event was mad fun and I released the "Don't be a hypebeast" tee there. Chi helped me out with the shirt and at the event. I saw familiar faces like Jen and met new ones like Brian of Doctor Hazmat, Gerardo of Creative Ethics, and more. Good times and hot shirts + hot kicks = WIN. I don't know why the video cut the top of my head off the screen, but the message was for Breast Cancer month, Pegasus shirts (both gray and black) purchased, a proceeds from that sale will go to the Susan G. Komen Fight the Cure Foundation. That statement still stands, because Breast Cancer is no joke. Hurray for YAYBIES! You can't stop the music with Branded Baron, because you I recapped the experience of the recording session with Jay Wise, Daniel Joseph, and more! October was indeed filled with a lot of Tang Bang Twang of goodies.

November- The Winter Collection was sneaking up, but before it popped out I went over to West New York to Urban Legends Shop. I went with Blis, Shane, and Rob to the skate park and we had a little impromptu shoot. I gave out a bunch of stickers to the local skaters and just chilled over there. It's good to be with people who support you. Before releasing the Winter Collection to the public I gave everyone a sneak peek of the behind the scenes of the photo shoot with one of a very entertaining video. People enjoyed it and it had people anticipating for a bit, because soon I released the current apparel that are out now. I have to thank Jess and Jay Wise for modeling and Shane Marques for the photography. It was a fun shoot and I appreciate the support and very thankful for the help. BBoy Dmize received the Born An Original, Don't Die A Copy tees and will be wearing one during each breakdance competition he competes in. To see someone bboying in one of your shirts is crazy! I want to see a bunch of bboys head spinning while wearing Branded Baron tees, that would be phenomenally awesome. Oh, did you think I forgot to tell you about the music you could download from this month? If you did, you thought wrong. Jay Wise, The Beat Geeks, Broke the Emcee, and the Disco Fries(no, not the delicious gravy cheese fries you can get a diners) all had music available and worth listening to.

December- The last month of 2010. What is there to say about December, besides cold?  WWS, It's Crak! and Timeless Styles both have interviews, IAMTheTrend features Branded Baron and Teespotter reviews us. The model Jess hooked me up with a friend of hers, Nick, who may help me with a new design. WHAT?! Relax, I'll let you know when we release a new shirt. Nick came through to help me out at the Bust Magazine Pop-Up shop, while Tiff helped me at the Phildaelphia Designer's Market. I receive an image that becomes the fifth installment of the "Need a Match?" posts. You learn that Gremlins and Die Hard are Christmas movies that should receive more attention around the holidays. The Shake Weight isn't just a sexual training device and that is proven by the Beat Geeks. The Disco Fries release the "60 Minutes until your balls drop" mixtape, which is definitely definitely worth listening to. You have to agree that this photo below is a very cute picture, which earned the Photo of the day status. I thought this quote needed to be shown. 

2010 was a great year and it's hard to really recap everything that happened. I met new people and new connections, but I also lost Anthony who was there from the start. He was my Vice-President and helped me a lot behind on the scenes, but life sometimes takes you on a different path and I'm glad he's pursuing what he needs to do. We didn't end bad at all, he's still my bestfriend and he asked me about Branded Baron earlier. Sometimes it's hard to separate yourself from certain things that you've been a part of. I definitely would like to thank everyone who has been there and are continuing taking this journey with me. I'm positive we're going to get bigger and better. I'm sure Danette, myself, and whoever I bring along to contribute to the designs will make them hotter and better than the last release. I'll release my goals for 2011, the ones I can release to the public, sometime soon. I want to have Branded Baron to be the "Brand for the People" and I want to be able to share some great apparel, music, and other fantastic stuff with you. I will do my part and hopefully you will be there by my side. 2011, the party is just getting started!

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

Friday, January 7, 2011 header has Okwerdz wearing Branded Baron

So, I went to and low and behold I see the header has Okwerdz rocking Branded Baron. Now that's great, because you see a clear view of the Branded Baron design, minus the snakes' heads. It's definitely cool to see that. Unfortunately the green "To Live Is To Fight" t-shirts are sold out, but the gray ones are not. There are very few left, so pick up one now if you like it. CLICK HERE

If you like Okwerdz style, buy his music. He is a video from his site, which I thought was funny. Okwerdz battles a drummer in their freestyle competition. It was entertaining and Eric Moore, the drummer is pretty good.

NSFW due to language.

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

Here's another reason to listen to Raw Radio

If you needed a reason to listen to Raw Radio, this well written article from  should help convince you. It explains their beginnings and how they started, plus I get a mention. I get a mention as one of their favorite guests. Woohoo! Either way this should give you a bit of an insight of the creative, insightful, and vulgar minds that are Raw Radio. They may not be for everyone, but give them a listen maybe you find one of their serious discussions insightful or their rants funny. Who knows maybe I'll be on the show again as a guest feature and I'll explain how to win a Branded Baron tee. ::wink wink:: They definitely are a bunch of characters. They should be releasing a new episode for their online podcast next week.

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sorcerer Hands Chat Video

I went to dinner with friends at Pizzeria Uno and we ended up talking about the Sorcerer Hands design. My friend Ashley decided to wear the female v-neck and we ended up talking about the shirt and how comfy it is. My friend Alex tells us what he wants to do with the shirt.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Photo of the Day: Partying

This was taken on New Year's. Rocking Branded Baron at the NYC parties! They were partying with Branded Baron designer, Danette who is the party animal and designer of these two cool shirts. Seriously, I challenge you to keep up with her. I admit I will not be able to last. Either way, Awesome pic!

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's officially 2011

Happy New Year! Yea, I know my shirt looks very wrinkly and I need a haircut, but I keep it Stunningly Fresh. Anyone still suffering from a hangover?

There are a couple Sorcerer Hands tees left. Fellas click here Ladies click here

Stay no less than stunningly fresh,