Wednesday, June 30, 2010's Josh rocking Branded Baron while meeting UFC's Shane Carwin

UFC 116 with the heavyweight title fight between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin is happening this Saturday and I know Josh of is all over it on his site. Josh recently went to the last UFC Expo in Las Vegas and met with the soon to be heavyweight champ Shane Carwin. I'm amazed at how giant his hands are, because Josh and Carwin are almost the same height, but DAMN! Well he does have the largest hands in the UFC. It was cool to see that Josh was rocking the Branded Baron Lion t-shirt(Purchase here) when he met with him. There was no way Shane Carwin couldn't have seen the shirt, so he was exposed to Branded Baron, maybe in the future he'll have his own Branded Baron tee. So Shane, if you're reading this WIN on Saturday and let's work on making you your own Branded Baron signature tee.

On a side note: Have you realized Brock Lesnar fans talk so much smack? Come on leave the professional wrestling already.
Definitely check out to get some more MMA in your life. Josh even has 2 interviews with the former Green ranger from Power Rangers. He has other interviews with Jon Fitch, but that one caught me off guard. lol It's definitely a site worth checking out. Keep rocking Branded Baron.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Free Branded Baron t-shirt with every online purchase

While supplies last, we've been giving away free Branded Baron logo t-shirts with online orders from the new summer shirts. It was the special surprise goodie that was planned since the release of the summer shirts. I mentioned it on the youtube video(watch here) We have the shirts in regular tees and girl shirts. Some of the sizes are gone, so if you're wondering why you didn't get one, it's because they're no longer in stock. It's a simple, but stunningly fresh tee that's great for the summer. Here at Branded Baron we would like to show our appreciation for all those supporting. We definitely have a lot of quality t-shirts available, so buy one and you can have a free tee.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Monday, June 28, 2010

Real Deal Recap

Saturday was cool, because I was interviewed on Real Deal Radio. Real Deal is definitely a cool hip hop show that interviews emcees and have them perform, but the way they go about it is very entertaining. I'll post a video from the whole day with Jay Wise later. So I met Crusafix of Real Deal a week before and he wanted to get me on for a small interview. I was definitely ready to do it and let people know about Branded Baron. I've seen the show multiple times and it's very entertaining. We spoke about having me and bringing Jay Wise on for a bit as well, so I told him to meet me at a certain time at a certain location. I forgot that he injured himself playing ball(I broke his ankle with a crossover) and he couldn't drive. I was handling business, so I had to go pick him up. I saw him and we both were wearing the same Branded Baron t-shirt. That wasn't going to work, so he switched to the Listen To Your Heart black t-shirt(Purchase here)

We drove to the city I grew up in, Union City and proceeded to walk to Real Deal. On today's 3p.m. episode they had fellow Stronghold crew emcee L.I.F.E.Long. He's worth checking out and he's releasing a new record soon. Once we arrived I knew where we were going by the smell of an herbal essence. I forgot that Hip hop enjoys some company from a particular plant. I'm not one that'll partake in the festivities of herbs, so I just deal with it. I'm there in business mode, ready to share info about Branded Baron. While waiting for when I go on, I see a new music video from L.I.F.E.Long as well here about his past and new info on his music. I've seen him before and he's dope. I texted Crusafix telling him Jay has a music video to, if you want show it while he's there, but we find out that they have to reschedule him. Jay Wise was cool with it and he gets to see what the show is about and preps himself when he's on. Besides I figure it's hard for him to perform while on crutches. You can perform, but I figure he wants to perform really well.

At a midway point, they bring me on and we discuss Branded Baron. I grabbed some shirts real quick before I left, so I can show the viewers and everyone on Real Deal. I took the bigger sizes, because I know in Hip Hop, some people like their shirts a bit baggier. What can I say, I had a hustler's mentality and figured I'd get a sale. What can I say the shirts got a positive response. L.I.F.E.Long and his boy went crazy over my shirts the most. His boy bought the Gamer tee(I had one XL left) and L.I.F.E. picked up the red Astrohop. I have to speak to him, because he has a show July 1st and he's going to be wearing it while he performs. He's going to send me some music to share with you. At one point he thought the brand was called Red Baron clothing, but he corrected himself, so I'm not mad at him. He just found out and I showed the Red Baron shirt, so I can see the confusion. When he performed, he freestyled and mentioned the Red Baron in it. That was hot, because to see the shirt being mentioned out of no where was cool. After my little segment they went back to interviewing and talking to the guest emcee.

After it ended, everyone chilled for a bit. Real Deal was prepping for the next show, since they have 3 episodes a day. I was on episode 183, check out the whole thing at WWW.LIVESTREAM.COM/REALDEALRADIO201 Jay filmed two parts of the appearance, but I'm showing a segment here. The other half will partially be shown in a video of Jay & I on the digital recap.

I'd like to thank everyone at Real Deal Radio for allowing me to be on, thanks to L.I.F.E.Long for now being a supporter and his boy for rocking a new tee as well. I look forward to chillin with all of you guys again.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Dunk XChange Recap

Yesterday was the monthly New York Dunk XChange over at Club Blvd/Crash Mansion. It was much smaller, since the Funk Flex Carshow also had a Dunk XChange event the day before and it could be that it's now monthly. I've heard a couple people that aren't a fan of the monthly event and I could see it, because instead of a big group of people waiting for a bigger event, there's a smaller crowd for the vendors and there's a shorter time for everyone to sell/trade.

First, I wanted to be there early, but I was going with my girl and her cousin, so they had to pick me up. I mentioned a specific time I wanted to be there and we didn't arrive until about five minutes before it started. My girlfriend didn't call me in the morning, because she forgot my number and my number was the Branded Baron business cards she had in her room. FAIL for her, plus it shows how much we rely on technology. Anyone remember the days that you had to write the numbers down and memorize people's numbers? I do. The whole storing numbers and people carrying cellphones didn't start happening until my last two years in high school.

Since I arrived late, it was hard for me to set up, since I had a couple friends helping out and selling their sneakers. Note: It's important to be there early, so you can set up properly. They did hang some shirts on the wall and on a bar to showcase the shirts while I went to park. We managed to put some shirts by the sneakers especially the ones that matched. It's just important to have the shirts on the table at an event like this when people are most likely lookin at the table than anywhere else.

The event was moving slow, so Jamal & I started to have a game to see how many stickers we can put on the back of our friend CJ(both shared the table with me) before he noticed. He had a bunch, but finally saw a reflection and took them off. Once that happened the game began from the beginning. Even when we left he had one on. I wonder if he found out he had a Branded Baron sticker before he got home.

Overall, the Dunk Xchange this time was ok. Stuff were sold, people checked out what we had. I liked the bigger Dunk XChange event, but we'll see how the next monthly event goes before I decide whether I like the small or big events from them.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Laptop has been Branded Baron

Received this e-mail from a fellow Branded Baron supporter, Jamal and thought it was cool. This laptop has two Branded Baron stickers, which definitely makes the laptop Branded Baron.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Need A Match? Branded Baron Has That Fire! Part 4

D from Fresh Kickz sent me a picture of these dunks that go well with the Stunningly Fresh t-shirt. I say this goes great with it. I recommend if you're in the area go to Fresh Kickz and see what else they have to match your Branded Baron shirts and other clothes. You can also purchase some Branded Baron shirts there as well.

Fresh Kickz
251 Main Ave.
Passaic Park, NJ 07055

The 6/25 Creative Grove recap

I personally like the Creative Grove artist market, so it is no surprise why I'm trying to be there every Friday if I can. This week there were a bunch of different vendors from people selling jewelry, books, plants, shirts, other apparel, and food. I'm a big fan of the food vendors and I was glad I had the Made With Love bakery table next to me. Chocolate chip cookies are great and I'll have a couple glasses of lemonade as well. There were a couple different performances, there was this Dutch duo who were touring and came to stop by to play an acoustic set, there was an Art Theater group performing some skit(I think they were from Art House productions or something similar), a dance group performing interpretative dance, and a dj. The music was good and when the dancers dance it wasn't to boring music. The music definitely set the vibe and made it even more fun to be there. I know some customers saw me dancing while I was speaking to them and putting their shirt in a bag. I will admit the day felt slow, but people still checked out the Branded Baron tent and wanted to buy a shirt. It's always good to see a bunch of people putting their e-mails on the mailing list to be updated on events, new clothes, discounts, etc. If you aren't part of it, sign up.

Shout out to Seven. I wasn't even close to being completely finish with my setup, all I had was my mannequins rocking the shirts, and he bought an Astrohop Red t-shirt.Click here to buy That did help set off the Friday right. I love speaking to people, talking about Branded Baron and having them become interested in the brand. I put a lot into giving the public some great quality shirts with awesome designs. Actually the whole Branded Baron team puts a ton of effort to make sure you have something great being worn.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

People enjoying a good time, you can see some live instruments
Another person that will be rocking Branded Baron
That woman looks crazy, but she was in the middle of dancing. She was one of the 6/7 dancers there, besides anyone who felt like shaking their tush.
Acoustic set
Figured I'd snap a photo. I was low key without the banner
People playing chess
People still dancing and ejoying the music. That pool kept some of the little kids in the area cool and I think some people's feet chill as well. Overall cool time and if you're free on Friday afternoon/early evening come out.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Real Deal Radio Interview Saturday @ 3pm eastern

Hey, I will be on the Real Deal Radio show tomorrow along with Jay Wise. Be sure to look at the livestream channel tomorrow. Crusafix of Real Deal bought a shirt and is now a fan of Branded Baron, thought it would be good if I came through to chat for a bit. Since Real Deal Radio is a hip hop show, that deals with a bunch of talented artists, I figured I'd bring Jay Wise along. They have a variety of interview/episodes starting at 1p.m. I'll be on at 3p.m., but you can watch after at 5 and 7pm eastern. I know besides us, they'll have performances and interviews with L.I.F.E. Long of Stronghold and battle emcee Iron Solomon.

Even if you don't like hip hop, but a fan of Branded Baron watch it and find out a bit more of the apparel company that's No Less Than Stunningly Fresh. Make sure you check the twitter to find out all the details tomorrow leading up to the interview.

The show is a livestream channel, so you can sign on twitter, your livestream account, or facebook and comment on the episodes. To watch previous shows go to If you want to call in, the number in the picture is the number and you can ask a question or chat it up.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This car is now Branded Baron

An e-mail came in and this was the image that was sent. This person put Branded Baron hangtag sticker on her car. I have to say that this car is now Branded Baron. I'm definitely going to have some vinyl stickers for the car made soon and give away as a goodie with the online purchases.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Promo on new shirts & goodies w/ online purchases

Hey everyone,
Here is a little video where I discuss some of the shirts as well as some of the goodies that you'll get with each online order that is purchased. Yes, I'm in a very chill & calm mood.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New York Dunk XChange-Sunday,June 27

This Sunday, June 27th Branded Baron will be selling at the New York Dunk XChange. If you're a sneakerhead you know what it's all about and if you don't, you can buy/trade sneakers and purchase some hot apparel.

Admission: $10
Time: 1-5pm
199 Bowery NY, NY

Definitely come through and have fun. I'm sure you'll like what we'll have for sale at the table.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

IAmTheTrend.Com reviews new Branded Baron tees

Adam of IAmTheTrend.Com wrote an review about the new Branded Baron tees and I feel it was an interesting take on it. Everyone has so many different opinions and it's great to see what they think of the designs. I particularly disagree with his thoughts on the "Red Baron" shirt, but I can see where he wanted the direction of the design to go. I happened to guide it in a different way and feel the design worked. I'll assume we'll agree to disagree. He also highlights the "Sorcerer Hands", which I feel may be the most underrated design we have, but it looks good. Real good. Men shirts are available here Female V-necks are available here

Thank you Adam for the review. Check it out, share, retweet, and/or comment on the post. I definitely suggest that you comment on it. Do you agree with what was said or disagree? Do you think the "Red Baron" should have been ripped apart? Was the "Sorcerer Hands" rightly praised? Let us know, I know we all would like to see the reaction.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Space Can is the craze in, that website that shows different t-shirts daily recognized the popular Space Can design today. Anthony(Branded Baron vice-president in case you forgot) sent me an e-mail It feels good to be shown love., so thanks to all the supporters out there.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 features Branded Baron & has coupon code!

Kim of features Branded Baron and mentions which tees are the highlights of this summer collection. Also, if you're looking for a discount before ordering, there's one mentioned.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Monday, June 21, 2010

Space Can featured on TeeOfTheDay.Com
TeeOFTheDay.Com featured the "Space Can" design on the site. This site features a new t-shirt each day and is chosen by designer AJ Dimarucot aka Collision Theory, so it feels good to have another designer recognize another good design. It's also interesting that he created a similar design as the Branded Baron design. If you're looking for a couple other shirts after you picked up some Branded Baron tees, that's a good site to go to.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Recap: Creative Grove 6/18

Friday was another day where Branded Baron shirts were being sold. This was the second time I was at thie artist market and I'm glad I was able to go. This time I made sure I got a bigger space, because I wanted to showcase Branded Baron more. I wanted to "peacock", so that the Branded Baron area stood out and attracted those walking by. As you can see I had more space with the tent, instead of just the table. The downside was the wind was strong at times, that it was knocking the shirt rack, until I was able to get some weight on it. That day was I was accompanied by fellow Branded Baron supporter and family member, my brother Kevin. It was cool to have him help out and I'm very appreciative for it. Next to us was a face painter and an artist, plus near us was another t-shirt company. I debated about getting my face painted, because hey we're all kids inside. I tried getting Kevin to get his face painted a couple times, but he declined each time. I couldn't wear him down to finally get that done. lol The other vendors were pretty cool.

The day started off slow, but then it picked up. Creative Grove had a DJ, but they also had karaoke. I must say that I'm glad I was able to borrow the girlfriend's portable ipod stereo. Kevin and I weren't able to take some of the atrocious singing. On a hot sunny Friday afternoon, why would anyone sing a sad song? People want to chill and party, especially if they left work. I will say that there were a couple people who could sing, but I enjoyed listening to my ipod, until it died. It was funny, because the guys next to us were asking for me to raise the volume of the ipod.

There seemed to be a positive response from everyone who stopped by. Thanks for all the people who now wear Branded Baron. It was good to see some familiar faces at this artist market and great to meet some new ones. I met Crusafix of Real Deal Radio, who is now Branded Baron. We were chatting for a bit on hip hop and he got some exclusive goodies when he picked up the "Space Can" tee. Expect to see myself and Jay Wise at the Real Deal internet show next Saturday.

I hope to participate at the Creative Grove a lot more this summer and since it is weekly, it would be great to do so. I'll announce on twitter and facebook on Thursday if I'm going to be there on Friday. I will post on the blog when Branded Baron will be selling at other events & festivals. So if you're in the neighborhood come on by. I enjoy meeting new people and new supporters. Let's be Stunningly Fresh.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Another person rocking Branded Baron. He was a cool dude and shout out to his friend who bought some shirts for her friend...or was it her brother? Either way thanks you too.

The painter next to us.

Some people during the day.

I look very stiff, trying to pretend to be a mannequin. lol

Mix 206 shows love again

Thanks to the people at Mix206 for showing love to Branded Baron. They've been supporting since I met them back in March? I think it was March, but the respect shown towards the tees has been very heart warming. If you're a fan of design definitely check them out. They post cool packaging which give ideas for the future of Branded Baron.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Branded Baron designer Danette talks

Earlier this week I spoke to Danette about her designs and the release date for the new Branded Baron shirts and while I was there I video taped her talking about a couple things. If you didn't know Danette is one of the in-house designers for Branded Baron and two of her designs appear in this latest release. I personally love both of them and think the print came out amazing on both the tank top and shirts. The tank top has great colors and Danette talks about where she got her inspiration. The other design comes in a navy v-neck which is a very dark shade of navy blue, because it's close to the black t-shirt for guys. I'm a huge fan of both and think you'll definitely love it as well as other designs. It was definitely fun working with her when we planning the latest release and deciding what designs would be printed. Let me tell you, there's plenty of Danette to go around and I mean her designs. The cool thing is, her specialty is really accessories, so maybe you'll see some cool Branded Baron accessories in the near future. Who knows? Maybe it's already in the works.

You can purchase the tank top Here(Lollipop Lips)

You can purchase the female v-neck Here(Sorcerer Hands V-neck)

You can purchase the men's black t-shirt Here(Sorcerer Hands tee)

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Friday, June 18, 2010

Need A Match? Branded Baron Has That Fire! Part 3

What a better way to match your Jordans then with the Red Baron shirt and the red Astrohop shirt. These go great and you'll no doubt be No Less Than Stunningly Fresh.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Branded Baron shirts released!

In case you haven't noticed when you've gone to the Branded Baron site, the new shirts are released. The designs are in and these shirts are ready to be worn! We have tank tops, v-necks, and tees for the females and t-shirts for the fellas. There are a bunch of a great shirts that will make you look sooo Stunningly Fresh this summer. Plus, we have most of our previous shirts on sale for $10!
Wait! There's more! With each order of any new shirt that is purchased, we'll be giving away an exclusive goodie, while supplies last. It's a great surprise!
To view and purchase the entire new summer release visit

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Monday, June 14, 2010

Branded Baron tank top preview

Here's a sneak peek of the first Branded Baron tank top, that will be available on our Branded Baron online store Wednesday, June 16th. This will be for females only and it looks really good in person. I'm a big fan of how this design looks and came out.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Random Sticker Location 2

Here's another random sticker location that was found at Fresh Kickz. Remember to e-mail any photos you wearing Branded Baron or Branded Baron stickers stuck on various places. E-mail We do not condone any illegal activity like defacing public property.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Friday, June 11, 2010

Okwerdz rockin' "Stunningly Fresh" tee & talks about future plans

You may know already, Branded Baron sponsors west coast rapper Okwerdz and in his latest video he's wearing the "Stunningly Fresh" t-shirt(Purchase here) while talking about his future plans. He talks about the music he's going to release and his plans on his emcee battles.

He's a cool guy and his music is good, so you should pick up his latest mixtape "The Off Season" from itunes. Also, the shirt you saw at the end of the video. Branded Baron printed those shirts, so if you want one of those shirts after you get a Branded Baron tee, you'll know it has that quality print.

One more thing, when Branded Baron officially releases the summer shirts online, some people will be getting some Okwerdz goodies. WHOOPS! Was I not suppose to say that? Well the cat is out of the bag.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rockland World Radio Interview & Performance

I know I'm a bit late on this post, but it's been busy getting everything ready for our official summer release. On May 26th, I called up Jay Wise just to discuss some business and all of a sudden he tells me that him, the rest of the Corp Cartel, Allen EZ from the Gem-N-I, and Tony Bregga(another artist that's close with the group and the one who's fashion party I was at last month) will be on this internet radio later that afternoon. I was told I could tag along, so I headed up to New York to meet with them.

The station was in Nyack, so we went there, Jay was rocking the red Astrohop, Bregga was rocking the White Lion shirt(Click here to purchase)
, and Allen EZ was rocking the new Space Can tee. We were introduced to the radio host, Madame Sassy and then the interviewing began after the break she had. I was interviewed first, before the rest of the guys and you get to hear some of the background of Branded Baron. I didn't realize it was a video broadcast, so I was describing my shirt when all I could've done was just look in the direction of the camera. For some reason I didn't put two an
d two together when Jay told me he was going to perform on this internet show.

After I was interviewed Madame Sassy interviewed everyone else, except for Allen EZ for some reason. I don't know why he didn't go up to get interviewed, but I believe he's going back to interview this month. The Corp Cartel performed and it was ok. I have to keep it real, because I've seen them perform a hell of a lot better. Also, the station manager came in and fixed the mics while they were performing. Luckily they've been performing for a long time and knew to keep going. They performed their new song "On Deck" and Jay performed his song "Don't Be Scared"( Watch on Youtube . Bregga didn't get a chance to perform, because of time constraints. I believe he and Allen will both go back this month to perform.

Overall, it was cool and I enjoy being interviewed. I personally enjoy reading or listening or watching interviews from other upcoming brands or artists. I feel as though it's inspiring. You can check out the Madame Sassy show that we were on just in case you missed it or missed my twitter announcement then in the archives. Click here for Archives It's the show with no description. You can check out the video interview directly CLICK HERE TO WATCH The interviews don't start until 9:36 into the show. You can listen to the music that was played beforehand or you can jump ahead. So enjoy the interviews and performance when we were on Rockland World Radio. Thanks Madame Sassy for having us on.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Rockin the new Space Can outside the studio

Jay Wise with the Red Astrohop performing with Chaos and Montana.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Creative Grove Recap

This past Friday I was in Jersey City selling Branded Baron shirts at the artist market, Creative Grove. It was a very hot day with sun beaming directly at me at my table and it didn't help that I wasn't wearing shorts either. Nonetheless it was a cool event that had two Djs playing a variety of music. It also was cool that there was another Jersey City arts event that was celebrating its 5th year that day, so it made that night even more worthwhile. Normally Creative Grove starts from 2pm and ends at 8, but this other event gave me another 2 hours to sell. It was good, because later on there was a booth with live bands playing and beer being served. There were a bunch of food spots and I had these crepes by Lucinda Creperie that were very delicious. I can't forget about the organic bakery, who's tent was behind my table that had some very delicious chocolate chip cookies and pretty good lemonade. I know that's an awkward combo, you don't have to tell me.

I was alone again, because everyone was caught up with previous engagements and this was last minute. I like to thank Branded Baron supporter for stopping by purchasing a shirt, allowing me to interview him briefly, and hooking me up with some water. If you ever plan on selling anything in public, make sure you have someone to help, because you never know if nature calls, you get hungry, have to take care of more than one customer, have to feed the meter, etc. That's important, plus it gives you someone to talk to throughout the time you're there. I was lucky I had music, spoke to some people here and there, had twitter, but it's always good to have someone there. Check out the video below of the interview with Keith.

I like to thank everyone who came by the table and supported by purchasing one or more Branded Baron shirts. It was cool to chat to see people I knew as well. I think I will definitely go back to Creative Grove, since it is a weekly market. I had a good time and people left happy with new shirts and that's wonderful. Look forward to the new summer line coming out soon!

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

The Djs with a girl debating whether or not she can hoola hoop on beat to the music.
The bakery stand that had some tasty baked goods.

Keith and his new favorite shirt, the black on red "Astrohop" These will be released on June 14th.
Close up of the table.

At one point, people were hoola hooping.

Night time at this market