Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Evie of NO•Madness TV Interview rocking the Pegasus t-shirt

Evie of No•Madness Tv was recently interview for Pushy Dreamers and wore the Pegasus t-shirt. If you do not recall, I participated for the No•Madness TV fundraiser, so Evie can raise money for her pilot. Her goal was $5,000 on kickstarter and she surpassed her goal. Congrats to her! I can't wait to see the pilot to her travel series.

The behind of the scenes video here gives a glimpse of what No•Madness is and she looks good with that Branded Baron tee. Check more of No•Madness tv at http://nomadnesstv.com/

Friday, May 27, 2011

Vote for the next Branded Baron tee on our Facebook page!

Help choose one t-shirt that will be released from Branded Baron this summer! The new logo t-shirt is in YOUR hands. What do you want to wear?

"Like" on Facebook to choose what shirt you would like to see printed.

Info on the logo: The crown is the coronet that a "baron" would wear. The sunglasses represents the cool & stunningly fresh lifestyle of all those Branded Baron.

to vote!

I'll announce the winner come Tuesday!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Throwback Thursday: "Mya feat. Jay-Z "Best of me Part 2"

Yea, it's time for some Throwback Thursday action. I remember when this song was played heavily on Hot 97. This song was definitely cool, the video is whatever, nothing great. I know some of you probably haven't heard this in a minute, but hopefully this brings back some good memories. Damn, I'm glad I remembered this song today and decided to play it. Press repeat.

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

Everything Jersey City Festival Photos

Here are some photos from that event.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Making of "Welcome Home" & "That Pole" while wearing Branded Baron

Check out the preview of another couple of songs by Jay Wise for his summer release "The Wake Up Call". In the video you'll see Jay rocking the Statue of Liberty tee. I'm definitely feeling the first song, that beat is on point. Look forward that this summer, but in the mean time purchase a Branded Baron tee for your stunningly fresh needs.

Stay no less than stunningly fresh,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Music Monday: Female Edition- Justina, Mala Reignz, Kitty Cowell, Dex of the Beat Geeks

Hello all! Today I decided to share with you some music done by female artists, because they deserve some love. Here are some songs that I like and feel are worth sharing.

"Strobe Lights" Dex from The Beat Geeks is a pretty good song that I bump on my iTunes & iPod. Check it out.
Listen here
Download here

Here is the latest video from Justina called "Reputation". I dig the song and figures I'd share it.

Mala Reignz is a pretty good female emcee. Check out the freestyle below and her video, which I believe was done before Mac Miller's "knock knock."

Kitty Cowell is an artist from the UK and someone I heard earlier. I happen to like her song "Take It Back" and it's refreshing to hear a different sound. I feel the beat isn't something you usually hear in the States. Check it out.

I hope you like the selected songs I posted and it satisfies your ears. If you have any suggestions for  me to spotlight some deserved songs for future Music Mondays let me know on twitter, facebook, e-mail, or leave a comment on blogger.

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rapture Sale Today & Tomorrow

Since this is a whacky world and the judgement day is tomorrow look stunningly fresh with Branded Baron apparel. 30% off your entire order with the discount code "rapture". Get 30% today and tomorrow. Whether you're saved or a heathen, you should look no less than stunningly fresh!


Stay no less than stunningly fresh,

P.S. I'm impressed how the whole country knows about tomorrow. It's quite impressive all the marketing that went into it.

Everything Jersey City Festival 2011

Hello Everyone! It's time for another event where I'll be at promoting Branded Baron. Summer season is right around the corner and shows are coming up. Tomorrow is the "Everything Jersey City Festival" in you guessed it, Jersey City. If you're in the area come on by, because honestly street fairs are fun.

It's a rain or shine event, but I'm hoping for sun and a not so windy day. It will be on Central Avenue in uptown Jersey City. For more info visit here http://www.centralavesid.org/atwork-EJCF_2011.shtml

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Branded Baron Promo Video

Check out this video of what's coming out from Branded Baron. The music is by The Beat Geeks from their song called "Pump up the volume".

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

Monday, May 16, 2011

Music Monday: Sneaker Freestyle by Jay Wise

Here's a verse by Jay Wise. I know the title says freestyle, but it's not a freestyle, it's written. I'm not saying Jay can't do it, but it's not. It's dope regardless.

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th sale

Happy Friday the 13th! Prices are slashed down to $13 on many items and it'll be unlucky to miss out.
Stay no less than stunningly fresh and start the weekend on a good note!

Here are a couple Friday the 13th trivia
-Tupac Shakur died on Friday September 13, 1996
-Al Capone was sentenced to prison on a Friday the 13th.
-Hubert Humphrey, the 38th vice president of the United States, died on a Friday the 13th.
-Paraskevidekatriaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th.
-One superstition is  walking around the house 13 times on this day helps keep the evils away.
-In 2008 Dutch statisticians have established that Friday 13th, a date regarded in many countries as inauspicious, is actually safer than an average Friday.

 Also, another interesting tidbit, one Friday the 13th I was in a very severe car accident where I got it driver's side by a SUV. I didn't break a bone, but everything internally was beat up pretty bad. I was in college when it happened(no I was not drinking, but on the way to train martial arts), but there were so many of my friends visiting me and all of them being young, someone working at the hospital asked my friend if a celebrity was staying there. lol I WAS the celebrity. lol That was a very brief personal Friday the 13th tidbit about me. If you have any please share on the Branded Baron facebook page.

Stay no less than stunningly fresh,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NoMad•Ness Fundraiser

(click to enlarge)

This Sunday is a fundraiser for NoMad•ness tv, which Branded Baron is sponsoring and printing some tees for. It's pretty much a cool travel series that has been getting popular online. This is more from the kickstarter

"Nomad•ness Travel series is the brain child of a twenty-something woman who ditched the idea of a cubicle after accepting her college diploma. It's the journey of one woman (me) who had the nerve to take her life into her hands, and put the rest of it in a backpack. For the last year Nomad•ness (myself, my rinky dink camera, and my wanderlust) has traveled all throughout Asia. Cambodia, Japan, India, China, Thailand, even a lovely visa run to Burma. Through it all, the internet has been able to play Peeping Tom to the good, bad, and the mind boggling that has been my life!
The Webseries has caught a bit of steam, and being the big dreamer I am, it's time to go for the gusto! By pledging whatever you can into this project, you have become a backer to help fund the mother of all episodes "Berlin or Bust!" This is the mothership because this episode will be specifically formatted for our treatment, television, and potential contests.
The goal upon the goal: I want to revolutionize the face of young travel! I want my own travel show!
To do so, we have to make sure this episode is air tight, and that's where I need you!"

That was just a jist from the kickstarter site here and you go there or even go to NoMadnesstv.com to see the webisodes and find out more of the subject.

If you want to go to the event this Sunday, it'll be at Gameday Bar & Grill in the Bronx.
Doors open at 6 pm

Gameday Bar & Grill
3168 East Tremont Avenue
Bronx, NY 10461

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

Monday, May 9, 2011

SoleDeVida reviews Branded Baron

Female sneakerhead, SoleDeVida reviews the t-shirt "Born An Original, Don't Die A Copy". She explains how this review came about in the video. She has some pretty good videos and reviews up on her Youtube page , so definitely check her videos out and subscribe. If you're a sneakerhead and have tons of kicks, she has a nice video to find each sneaker easier than opening all the boxes.

I definitely like to thank SoleDeVida for the review. The review was a good one and she even mentioned the Corp Cartel and linked their site in the information part of the youtube page. I definitely appreciate the support.

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely moms out there! Everyday should be mother's day, but today is all of you! We did not forget all the times we needed you like wiping our butts when we were babies or taking us to (insert sport here) practice or whatever. The image above shows the truth.

Happy Mother's Day!

Stay no less than stunningly fresh,

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Private Stock in Yonkers carries Branded Baron

I'm proud to announce another retailer is carrying Branded Baron tees. This retailer is Private Stock out of Yonkers, New York. I definitely have to thank my boy Chi for making it happen. It's a cool sneaker & streetwear boutique that has some good stuff. The people there are cool guys, so they'll help you out if you need something. If you're in the Yonkers area make sure to visit Private Stock.

Private Stock
1081B Yonkers Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10704

Yes, when you look at the front window you will see the Branded Baron Statue of Liberty tee.

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

Shout out to InMyShortSleeve.com

Shout out to Kim from InMyShortSleeve.com for posting a feature on the "Statue of Liberty Gangsta" design. It's cool to see a highlight feature on one design in particular and it makes me feel great. The first "Born Original, Don't Die A Copy" tee Branded Baron released was highlighted on the IMSS. Kim shows love on the blog and she always has some good posts on IMSS. Definitely check it out and she has some discount codes....like one for Branded Baron. haha.

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Branded Baron mentioned in Tee Gazette.com

TeeGazette.com is a t-shirt site blogging about the world of t-shirts. They happened to have a post about tank tops and mentioned Branded Baron. Let me just say "TANKS" for the love. Yes, PUN INTENDED. Ladies buy our tank top here. Fellas, maybe you'll see a tank for you guys over the summer.

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

Sneakerchange video from DunkXchange

Sneakerchange.com has their video of the Dunk Xchange. I say a something briefly in it, but it's a cool overall video.

Stay no less than stunningly fresh,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dunk XChange NYC 2011 Recap

This past Saturday was the Dunk XChange and it was cool. I continued to get the word out and sold shirts, but I'm not a fan that it was held at Hiro Ballroom. I felt that every vendor was too close to each other and it wasn't as easy for people to move around. Regardless, it's going to get pack one way or another, but it seemed like all the people that came through had a hard time walking around and could not see everything. The venue was definitely more appropriate for performances, which I like that Dunk XChange can provide that. I feel Crash Mansion was a better venue, but maybe that's me.
Eric Sosa & I holding a Branded Baron card and an Eric Sosa card.
 I did have fun and did get to meet new people. The performances were cool and the majority of them were on point and enjoyable. In the video recap, you only get a glimpse of what you missed. Eric Sosa(former Mtv2 Sucker Free Freestyle winner) came by the table and he gave me his mixtape for free. I was ready to buy it, because I'm a fan of music and good artists, and that was cool that he gave me his mixtape "RHYME & NOODLES Vol.2".  Fred the Godson did his thing and while I was setting up, he was doing soundcheck so I had a preview of his set. Cyhi the Prince's performance was cool too. Pusha-T had everyone watching. I don't think many people were trading or selling during the main performances. I definitely vibed out to what was going on.

Overall, I had fun. Some things could be improved, but that's like everything else. I have to thank my boy Chi and Ruthie for coming through. Shout out to my girl's cousin Ted for stopping by as well as Jamal. I look forward to attending more Dunk Xchange events. Check out the video recap and the pictures.


My homie Jamal, came through

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pusha T at Dunk Xchange

Recap of the Dunk Xchange will happen later, but here's a pic of Pusha-T performing at Dunk Xchange. There were some good performances while some trading and selling were going on.

Stay no less than stunningly fresh,