Friday, October 30, 2009

Video of New Branded Baron Shirts "Stunningly Fresh" Sneak Peek

I wanted to post a quick video of the latest design that is going to be released by Branded Baron. As you may know and if you don't it's quite shocking, but we like everything to be "Stunningly Fresh". It's the phrase we coined where everything is top notch, high quality, hotter than hot, cooler than cool, more amazing than spiderman(the amazing spiderman just in case you didn't know), classier than ballroom dancing, very crisp, you get the idea. I know I should've shown the longsleeve better, but you'll see in no time. I'll post a visual for you soon. When will the tees be available? Good question. Very soon. The shirts will be available, before we release any of our winter stuff. Keep an eye out...or both of them.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jay Wise's "The Pre-Fresh Mixtape" Cover

As you know, Jay Wise is a hip hop that Branded Baron sponsors and promotes, so it's no surprise that we should give you guys a glimpse of what the cover of his new mixtape looks like. The "Pre-Fresh" mixtape is preparing the listeners what Jay's album "Fresh" will have. I've heard the first track of the cd and it's a good song. I won't be able to give away that song, but the mixtape will be available as a free download. I will definitely let you know when that is available, but in the meantime you can check out the previous songs by him and if you purchased a shirt then you can listen to that exclusive cd. The Pre-Fresh mixtape by Jay Wise coming soon!

2 Photos from first photoshoot

I figured I'd post two photos from the first Branded Baron shoot. There's a bunch of more photos from both shoots, so I'll post them in due time.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Event This Friday Has Been Cancelled

The event at the Canteen located in Pier 17 of the South Street Seaport has been cancelled. Originally we were told we can throw the event there, but the owners of the building do not want this event to go down, because they do not want it to be a rock club or rave. I do not know what they fear or think is going to happen, but like I mentioned before Branded Baron was not going to have an event that would be wild and crazy with people causing ruckus. It's a shame when contracts were signed and the week of the event it was cancelled when it has been heavily promoted. Roadblocks like this will occur, we're going to move on and find a better venue that can provide what we were looking to do. We'll continue providing you with quality shirts and other apparel(soon to be announced). We still to plan have great events, some being music showcases of singers, hip hop artists, and rock bands of the finest caliber. I do know that there is an art show in the next couple months that Branded Baron will cosponsor.

So keep your eyes open, the event may happen next Thursday if everything works out or we may just reschedule where we have a celebration for releasing our winter items. Maybe we'll do both? Hmmm you never know. This unfortunate incident may turn out better for us. I know a bunch of people are disappointed and some are mad at the owners of the south street seaport, but it's okay we're going to bring you something great. I'm already smiling, because I have a couple tricks up my sleeve to make any event we have especially our first a fun and memorable one.


P.S. Here's a little promo code for your next Branded Baron purchase. Next time use the discount code "nutty" to get 10% off your entire order.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Glimpse of photoshoot this past Sunday

Last Sunday, Branded Baron had a photoshoot for our products, some of our advertising, and to post around the site. I want to thank Leyana and Nick of Zodiac for helping us out. The two pictures are literally just a tiny glimpse of the fun time we had getting our Zoolander on.(Yes, I did some, Anthony no.) The raw photos look amazing and they were taken by Daniel Cano from I highly recommend him for your photoshoots. I'll post them up when they're ready, even the other photoshoot with Jay Wise and The Gem-N-I.


Branded Baron Event On Oct. 30th is A Benefit Show

Friday Night Benefit for Dog Run Rep at their new venue, The Canteen at South Street Seaport":
CORRECTION!!!!   Just want to let everyone know that the event at the Canteen on Friday Night is strictly a one-time benefit concert for the Non-Profit Theater Company Dog Run Rep. We hadn't received the correct information, and as a result we were wrong to promote it the way we did and we apolgize to Dog Run Rep and South Street Seaport for being inaccurate about the nature of the event..  We still want everyone to come out and support this great Theater Company in this beautiful new space and to have a good time.  Remember, its for a worthy cause! Chances are Branded Baron will have the money made and give it a HIV/AIDS organization, to an organization for a cure for diabetes, or a children's hospital.

Hey, if I didn't think Branded Baron would fit at this venue, then we would take it elsewhere. Branded Baron helping a theater company continue allowing artists to perform is beautiful. Art and music is very important and it should not be cut from school budgets. Luckily the money will the Canteen will raise will help this theater company provide children of all ages a chance to perform and bring in artists to perform and give an insight of their world.

We hadn't received the correct information, and as a result we were wrong to promote it the way we didand we apolgize to Dog Run Rep and South Street Seaport for being inaccurate about the nature of the event.z

Just in case anyone didn't bother to look into Branded Baron. Branded Baron is not about causing any unnecessary ruckus and creating a bad image, because there's already so much negativity. Branded Baron is about being "stunningly fresh" and causing a scene that draws negative attention is certainly not the direction we are driving to. We're about building a community with a fun, exciting, and positive atmosphere.. Each and every artist that is performing at the Canteen at the South Street Seaport is not negative or bringing a crowd that draws negative attention. If you want the rough and hard life of being a jerk take it elsewhere, because no one wants that. We want everything to be silky smooth.

October 30th, 2009

Doors Open @ 9
Cover $10
Age: 21+ ONLY

The Canteen
Pier 17
89 South Street
New York, NY 10038

subway directions

Take the Path to WTC, 4, 5, A, C, J, M, Z, 2, or 3. Get off at Fulton Street. Walk East on Fulton into South Street Seaport. Enter Pier 17 Mall, take the escalator to the second floor and continue to the North East Corner of the Mall. The Canteen is on the corner.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Qn5 Music Show at Bowery Poetry Club

So on Friday 10/23/09 I went out to see my favorite hip hop label and acts, Qn5 Music( perform at the CMJ showcase at the Bowery Poetry Club on the lower east side. Of course I was rocking my Branded Baron shirt and the new Branded Baron hoodie.(Yea,it'll be available soon.) The label consists of a bunch of great hip hop artists and it's definitely a very fresh sound compared to what's on the radio. Good music like them should be on the radio and television. I know one of the artists, Substantial had his music video premier on MTV and BET, but it should be in heavier rotation. I saw Tonedeff, PackFM, Substantial, and Mr. SoS perform and I feel they're a MUST WATCH. When Qn5 hosts the Qn5 Megashow that's the ultimate go to show, because they guys perform their best every time they're on stage and they outdo themselves during that event. In general they are a great group to watch perform and possibly the best. NOT ONE rapper touches their live show. These guys could have an off night and it'll still kill it. Just because a rapper is on tv and on the radio does not mean they can perform their song well. Most of them are pretty boring. One notable moment was the freestyle cypher that PackFm had. He's known for freestyling at every show and he had a bunch of people in the cypher. I was so mad when my camera died on me, because it was naaaasty. Icon the Mic King, Mr. Mecca, Homeboy Sandman, and Mr. SoS along with Pack rapped off the head. Mr. SoS killed it when it was his turn, but don't get me wrong they all did,
The event was streamed live for everyone in the world to see if they couldn't make it and they had a screen with a live twitter feed in between sets. I thought that was cool and had me thinking about trying that out for the Branded Baron event on Friday. I captured video of PackFM and Tonedeff. I had video of Substantial, but that was on my cellphone and before I realized, "Hey I brought a camera, let me use it". My camera died, so I had to use my girl's camera and then I had to resort to using my cellphone again. You can check out the videos. I spoke to Substantial and PackFM for a bit and one thing that I always liked about them is they're chill down to earth people. Also, if you ever chat with them for a bit, they're funny dudes. I ended up buying a new Substantial mixape. I have the majority of the artists Check out the videos, listen their songs, and buy their music. It's music definitely worth buying. I really should give a better and more in depth recap, but you really have to be there to enjoy the performances fully. Here's some videos to give you a sample of what it's like.


PackFM and I
Substantial and I
It's funny how both pictures have opposite facial expressions.

This one isn't something I recorded, but the freestyle cypher was soo fresh...I mean Stunningly Fresh

Friday, October 23, 2009

Oct 30th BRANDED BARON EVENT-Benefit Concert

::Original Post edited due to inaccurate info given.....Pictures of Flyers are up, because they are cool looking, it lists the artists performing for this benefit concert, and the promo code for Branded Baron is active::

Hello everyone,
I know this is last minute promoting, but this is HUGE news for us. Branded Baron is sponsoring our first event next Friday(October 30th) at the NEW venue, "THE CANTEEN" in Manhattan. This spot is located on the second floor at the Pier 17 mall at South Street Seaport. It has a really nice view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Since we support up and coming and indie bands and hip hop artists or any type of good artist we will wanted to have a music showcase. The line up is a good line up and a nice start for us, because we plan on doing this again with other acts and hopefully a couple bigger ones as well. Branded Baron apparel will be sold there, INCLUDING our NEW HOODIE & T-SHIRT. Oh we're going to raffle off some prizes. It's going to be a fun night. Come out, party, enjoy the music, the view, network, or for the shirts we have for sale, but let's have fun. I'm sorry for all you underage people, but this is a 21+ event. IF it was up to me I would make it an all ages event, but the venue has its rules. But to those who are 21+ let's go and have a good time. Here's the info if you don't want to double click on the flyers to see the info.

Friday Night is strictly a one-time benefit concert for the Non-Profit Theater Company Dog Run Rep.
October 30th, 2009

Doors Open @ 9
Cover $10
Age: 21+ ONLY

The Canteen
Pier 17
89 South Street
New York, NY 10038

subway directions

Take the Path to WTC, 4, 5, A, C, J, M, Z, 2, or 3. Get off at Fulton Street. Walk East on Fulton into South Street Seaport. Enter Pier 17 Mall, take the escalator to the second floor and continue to the North East Corner of the Mall. The Canteen is on the corner.

Here's who's performing:
Rock N Roll:
Heart Attack Sundays

Hip Hop Artists:
Corp Cartel (The group that Jay Wise is in)
The Gem-N-I
Sundance Kid

Thursday, October 22, 2009

DOWNLOAD The Gem-N-I's NEW SONG "Rollin"

This is the new song by Rockland's own The Gem-N-I. They definitely improved a lot, since their mixtape. Definitely keep an eye out when you see them, but really keep your ears ready for some music. Check this song out. Promo Code hidden inside the info of the song when downloaded. The song is chill, but not. I'm a fan of their hook on this.


Just in case you didn't know. They will be performing on October 30th with Jay Wise and the rest of the Corp Cartel, BXL, Zodiac, and Heart Attack Mondays at The Canteen at South Street Seaport (Pier 17). More info of the event to come, but doors open at 9.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Freshquito Magazine w/ Corp Cartel & The Gem-N-I

So yesterday was quite the interesting day. Freshquito Magazine had a photoshoot for Corp Cartel & The Gem-N-I. For those that aren't familiar with the Corp Cartel they are a Washington Heights trio that have released a bunch of mixtapes hosted by reputable DJs like DJ Carl Blaze(RIP) and L. Boogs, performed in various locations and not just the NJ/NY area, and won an Underground Music Award for best group in '07. They have some heaters in their catalog. Jay Wise, Chaos, and Yung Tana are the Corp Cartel. The Gem-N-I you know who they are and if not you can check the previous blogpost, here.
Freshquito ( is a new magazine focusing on music, fashion, and anything that is hot and fresh out there, which is run by Mister Tony Bregga. He decided to take these hungry artists and bring them some shine. I was there to help give them some style with my shirts and support. Freshquito Magazine and Branded Baron are still working things out. Besides I want my V.P., Anthony to get some of the spotlight in the interview and we have to have our models and other Branded Baron loyalists there too. You have to break bread and share it, even if you still have the bigger piece at the end.
The day was an ugly day, rainy and cold and everyone thought it was going to be an indoor shoot. Well we meet up in Washington Heights, then head to get to the photographer who's taking us to the location for the shoot. We get there and it's freezing. You'll see Jay and I mention it in the video and what everyone else is wearing. SO cold. Photos are taken, we head to another location and by that time it was getting later in the day and people were getting tired. I stayed with Tana, Chaos, and Jay in the car while EZ and Brigantti were out in the cold getting their shots taken. I heard the intro to Jay Wise's "The PRE-FRESH Mixtape" the mixtape before his album "Fresh" and it's hot. I wasn't sure if it was an intro song, but I think the more I hear it, I can definitely see it as one and setting up the songs. It doesn't hurt that he shouts out Branded Baron. Anyway Corp Cartel finishes the shoot and then there's a final group pic. Since I'm part of the crew Team Mile High(Corp & GemNi) I step in to get my Tyson Beckford on. Shout out to Dan Brody the photographer. Check his site out
After we head to Headquarters in Manhattan for these two groups to be taped for an interview. Everyone thought it was a regular nightclub. NOPE. We were wrong, because it was a Gentlemen's club. I know some people were disappointed the club wasn't open. Let me tell you, the owner is a BOSS. Forget what some people say, dude is no joke. The video interview went well and thanks for both groups for showing love to Branded Baron in their interviews. You can see Brigantti rocking the Gamer tee. Overall it was a cool time and fun time. Nothing but crackin jokes and styling while being cold.
***SERIOUSLY*** Why don't rappers smile in their photos? Is there some sort of rule that says, "NO RAPPER SHALL SMILE IN A PHOTOGRAPH"?

Here's some videos & pictures of the event.

Waiting for the videotaping. Me, Jay Wise, Chaos, Brigantti, Allen EZ
Jay Wise, Brigantti(Gamer tee on), Allen EZ
Bregga found this on the floor and it was too funny not too take the picture of it. If you don't get it then that's good. You have a clean mind. haha
Jay Wise rocking Astrohop
Jay Wise & Chaos
Allen EZ & Bregga chillin...literally
Busta said, "RAO RAO like a dungeon dragon" well I'm " Roar ROAR like a lion" 
I always like the behind the scene shots.
The crew, Team Mile High
Looks like someone doesn't belong in the picture. haha
Yung Tana
Yung Tana rocking the original Branded Baron design


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lead Singer of Zodiac Loves Rocking Branded Baron Shirt

So I know Zodiac practices on Friday nights, I know you're thinking "why?", but reaching the top you have to sacrifice even if it's one of the two most popular days of the week. I went up to meet with the band and discuss some future plans(will there be a crazy hot looking Branded Baron/Zodiac tee?) and I see that lead singer, Nick Fargo is wearing the Lion shirt. He said it's one of his favorite shirts and have been wearing it a lot and receiving compliments. That's good news. I've heard a wild story of someone wearing that design and being complimented, but it's in appropriate to tell. I'll just say the shirt helped not making that person single for that night. Yea, I had a hard time believing it too, but it's true.

Anyway expect to see Zodiac perform on October 30th in NYC and 31st at Six Flags Great Adventure. More Details to come.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Folding Shirts in 2 Seconds

I've seen this a long time ago and I've worked on folding shirts in two seconds. I'm terrible at it and I'll admit it. I still have more practice to go, but this will be a policy for Branded Baron in the future. It's a nifty (yes, I said nifty) skill to have and it can save some time even if it shaves a minute or two. I've seen someone do this first hand with my own two eyes, so it is possible.
Check this out and give it a try.


How To Fold A T-Shirt In 2 Seconds

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Music Download- Zodiac Exclusive Song "TELL ME"

The band, Zodiac has been working on their debut album for years trying to perfect their sound. They released an EP a few years ago and have gone to create some good rock n roll that blends classic rock with hard rock. They've been performing at many venues in New York City and have been touring nationwide, they even appeared on Zo2's IFC show, "Z Rock". Despite what the image is shown they are not a heavy metal or grunge rock band.

This song "Tell Me" was going to be released on their album "Born Again", but decided to turn "Born Again" into an EP before their debut album drops. They may or may not release this song on a record, but lead singer Nick Fargo decided to allow me to release this song as Branded Baron exclusive. This is one of my favorite songs by them, but I know they have better songs. I enjoy listening to this song while I'm driving, because it makes me want to drive fast. This is a good song to get a vibe of what Zodiac is bringing to the table.


***If you open the info of the song in iTunes you'll see a promo code. Same goes with the Jay Wise song, "Sneakerhead"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Black Flag Shoppe Had S.K.A.T.E. competition for the local skaters

The urban/streetwear culture store BlackFlag Shoppe, in Clifton, N.J., is a store that I recommend anyone to go to if they have the chance. The owners O and Leslie are cool down to earth people. Their whole slogan is Shop Locally and even though Branded Baron has an online store where you can purchase all of our products, Black Flag has been known to carry some exclusive gear from us that isn't presented on the website. They have amazing artwork on the inside and you can purchase the latest clothes from indie brands as well as some bigger clothing lines. If you need a skatedeck, bearings, wheels, spray paint or markers for graffiti pieces that you know create on a canvas, books, or dvd on hip hop or the skate culture this is your place. They were very helpful and supportive for Branded Baron and I always like to show my appreciation and respect when I can. O and Les look to do positive things to the local community and the one they did this past Sunday was a positive one for the local kids. They pretty much kept the kids doing something positive by having a competition of the game S.k.a.t.e. aka HORSE but the skaters. Next time if I'm notified I'll definitely have a couple Branded Baron shirts as prizes to contribute to the winners.


Astrohop Featured on

I'd like to say Thank You to the good people are & for featuring Branded Baron on the website again. They do feature some good and funny designs and I enjoy checking out the site everyday to see which shirts are being featured, so it's a useful site if you're looking some shirts to buy. This time around at TeeCraze, it's the ever growing popular design, "Astrohop." It's definitely positive to be featured again and a good feeling that the designs at Branded Baron are being recognized as cool shirts that the public should check out. I am thrilled that the "Astrohop" design is receiving more attention as each day goes by.
I definitely think it's one of the strongest and hot looking designs that Branded Baron has to offer so far.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Music Download- Jay Wise's "Sneakerhead"

This song was given out exclusively for the New York Dunk XChange show along with his single "Foolish Things". This is a creative song with Jay Wise rapping about his addiction, sneakers. It's definitely a must listen to. Sneakerhead was produced by XV. Definitely a big shout out for Jay Wise having Branded Baron to be the first one to release online. Enjoy the music.


(right click and save)


Go to Jay Wise's site

Monday, October 5, 2009

New York Dunk XChange Experience

Yesterday was a fun day and cool experience, because Branded Baron shirts were sold at the New York Dunk XChange in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It was definitely a sneakerhead spot with people trading or purchasing new Nike Dunks or Jordans or showcasing the newest sneakers soon to be available. There were some clothing companies that were there to provide everyone a something to match their kicks.

It was last minute show, so I did miss out on having a Branded Baron banner. I feel Branded Baron has made a presence now, especially since it was the first show to publicly sell Branded Baron. I definitely learned a lot and networked with a bunch of people, plus I had fun. It was a shame that Anthony was unable to make the event due to reasons I cannot discuss. It was definitely great that I had nice handful of Branded Baron followers aka friends of mine that wanted to help out. We shared a table where they sold their sneakers, so it brought a good amount of attention to the shirts. Thanks to Jamal, his preggo wifey Laurie, Ruthie, and Chi for helping me out. I almost forgot and Tiff for stopping by later on. Oh yea they definitely were rocking Branded Baron tees.

This was a cool event, because not only were people selling, buying, and networking, they had a dj playing music and live performances from singers and rappers. If you're a fan of the HBO show Entourage then you had the Turtle experience by watching Saigon perform. I'm a fan of Saigon, so it was definitely cool to see him rock. He kicked the "Letter P" in acapella and that was hot. Too bad I missed the first line on video.

Branded Baron will definitely be back at the New York Dunk XChange. The people who run it, have this event every quarter. I learned a lot and look forward to selling and conversing with people at more shows. Thanks to all the people who stopped, kicked it with everyone and myself at the table, took some of the free candy I had put out, took the flyers and stickers, and of course the new people to be Branded Baron.


Here is some pictures and video footage from the event:

The table set up, with Branded Baron shirts, flyers, mailing list, free candy, a Jay Wise CD with an exclusive song "Sneakerhead" along with his single "Foolish Things", and SNEAKERS!

Early on, the Branded Baron crew. From left to right, Chi, Ruthie, Laurie, and Jamal
There were two floors and we were upstairs. Here's a look of the crowd downstairs.
Shout out to Mike. Definitely check out his site, MGrigio, with his new line of sneakers coming out next Fall. Hopefully, he could hook me up with one before that and I'll be on real exclusive status. haha I'm holding my favorite design of his. I'm rocking the Astrohop design. This picture is Stunningly Fresh on all sorts of levels.

Tiff helping out.

Jamal and Chi on a break from selling their Dunks, I mean they were posing their shirts.
Saigon Performing
Saigon at the New York Dunk XChange
Here are three new people that are Branded Baron and didn't mind having their picture on the blog. Shout out to everyone who purchased, but didn't want to their face up on the web.
Love Gambles All purchase.
The new Gamer, specifically printed for this event.
Gamer is a printed on a comfy and cozy unisex shirt.

Saigon's Intro Performance

This was a quick video clip of another song Saigon performed. I don't know why the video came out sideways.

Saigon's Acapella of "The Letter P" I'm so mad I missed the beginning, because that's my favorite part. The whole thing is fun to say, it's a hot song.

Here's a video of a whole song by Saigon. In the beginning he's talking about why producer Just Blaze isn't there and it's because he is working with Eminem. He makes an opinion which you may or may not agree with, but I don't think he's bashing Dr. Dre, he's just voicing his opinion.

Two Videos of Singers performing. One of the videos the name of the song is called "Love Go"

Here's one of the other hip hop performances there. I don't remember the rapper, but if anyone knows who it is, do let me know.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Download Jay Wise's "Fresh Like Birthday" feat. Politix Allen mp3

This is a hot song to dance to. Bump it in your ipod, car, stereo, anywhere you can play music. It features Politix, who's birthday is the 4th, so Happy Birthday to him. This song is great after buying a shirt, because when you wear you're new clothes, you're fresh like it's your birthday. Enjoy this song.

Download Jay Wise Fresh like birthday Politix Allen mp3

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pictures of New Branded Baron Shirt, GAMER

This design has a crazy concept with explosions being controlled by video game controller and imagine that could happen. With today's society using technology and making new technological advances each day, it can strike fear that bombs can be sent halfway across the world with a button. This shirt is like a movie and video game turned controlled by today's youth. Long gone are the days of Pacman being played on Atari. I was only very young when I played that, so don't think I'm some older guy. I feel it's a really cool design. The print is really soft as the shirt, so it feels great. It definitely looks Stunningly Fresh.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Glimpse of New Shirt, "Astrohop" Being Printed For Branded Baron

Hey Everyone! The newest shirt was printed today and I wanted to give everyone out there a glimpse of how this shirt was printed. It was high quality ink used and you know the fabric of the tee is as well. It always feels really good seeing the finish product or watching a design get printed. The silkscreen print came out really really good. I like to thank Val who hooked me up this time around with Branded Baron's "Astrohop". I also like to thank Courtney or C.D. as I like to call him for helping me out with this design when I asked for his advice. I hope you like my design. I had this Hip-Hop Astronaut or "Astrohop" idea for a very long time, most likely over a year and I'm glad it was able to become into reality for Branded Baron. I had Jay Wise look at it, since I've always mentioned to it and he loves this design. I hope you do too!

Now no less than Stunningly Fresh in SPACE,