Monday, August 31, 2009

15% off Branded Baron shirts using the coupon code "Entourage"

Being that Anthony and I are both big fans of HBO's "Entourage", the new discount code is "entourage". That code will get you 15% off your purchase. We may all may not be celebrities, but hey at least we'll look great.


UPDATE 10/14/09

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Coupon Code : "Birthday" for 24% Off Your Order

That's right! It's official. Branded Baron has launched on founder, Joe's birthday. Since I turned 24, 24% off your order if you today if you type "birthday" in the coupon code area at checkout. There are more news to be released, which will happen this weekend. Let's just say two more designs will added to the lines that have been released. Over here at Branded Baron, we're working hard to provide hot designs with quality fabric. With a motto like "No less than stunningly fresh" we have to deliver.

Again 24% off your order when you type "birthday" in the coupon code during checkout.


Monday, August 24, 2009


The title says it all. This THURSDAY will be the launch of Branded Baron's online store. We will have our first line of t-shirts ready to be worn by YOU. Anthony, I, and our little helpers have been working hard to release this officially to the world. We also have been planning our attack on creating some new and even hotter designs(I know, how can that be?) for you to wear in the winter time. In the mean time check out the exclusive limited edition t-shirts.

Since the 27th is the actual birthday of Branded Baron founder, Joe(me), there will be a special discount code for you to purchase on THAT day. Since I will be turning 24, there will be a 24% discount code. Type "birthday" in the discount coupon section as you are confirming your order in the shopping cart.

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It's time to look and be No Less Than Stunningly Fresh!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Seat Prank Video

Branded Baron, we like to have a good time and sometimes a little prank can lighten up the mood. This is the info about the video:
The Setup: The chair was missing screws and it is able to stand, until someone sits on it. This was done back to back to back to many people, but this was the best version.
Language can make it NSFW