Friday, April 30, 2010

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You never know when a contest will happen on twitter, if there will be some insights that won't make it to the blog right away, maybe sneak peeks of new designs, and overall interesting tweets. Most of the statements can be applied to the facebook group page, although I feel the twitter gives you a better insight of the thoughts of our Branded Baron operations at times.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Glimpse of 2 Branded Baron buttons

Here is a glimpse of two new buttons that are given as goodies with each order, while supplies last. We want to try and give you a feel good experience when you open up your package. Who knows if there will be other goodies, but you're important to us so we'll try to add a little something extra. We have our classic Lion design and our Femme Fatal design by our designer Danette.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Congrats for Branded Baron Designer Danette in being featured in Weird NJ

Our fellow designer, Danette has her illustration featured in the magazine "Weird NJ". For those that don't know, it's a magazine featuring weird stuff about New Jersey, from urban legends to haunted houses to just odd places and people. There's also a Weird US website with other magazines of other states. This is only a sample of her style that she's bringing to the table for Branded Baron, because there's a glimpse of her design on our new buttons. We are a New Jersey based company and we planned a new shirt design that will be coming out in fall that she's working on. If you know New Jersey and if Weird NJ is an example of that idea, you may guess what the design will be of. Any clue will just be too easy. Until then purchase a copy of the magazine and look forward to the new Branded Baron summer line with designs by one of our designers, Danette Oberg.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

TODAY ONLY-20% off the entire order with discount code "EARTH"

Since today is Earth day and we should appreciate being on this Earth and try to take care of it as best as possible. So, here is a discount code, so you can look stunningly fresh while you help take care of the earth. We all have to do our part and this discount is more of a reward for you on taking care of the earth. 20% off the entire order with the discount code "EARTH" This is a one day only discount code, hopefully you help keep the earth in good shape not just for one day.

Check out Earth Day Action Center's website.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Artoholiks Blog "Mix206" features Branded Baron

I'd like to thank JMine and Iquan for showing love to Branded Baron. Tiff and I met them back at an event New York and we've been cool with them since. JMine came through to the "Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair" this past Saturday with her friends and they all purchased on shirts. We try to make Stunningly Fresh t-shirts and they recognized that we offer a nice premium product and returned the love. They have some pictures of two of the shirts bought and the goodies that came with it. If you're into art, fashion, and design check their blog out. I've been checking their stuff out a lot, especially their packaging designs they feature. Hey, you never know when Branded Baron we'll have a crazy package that you'll receive in the mail.

Branded Baron feature on Mix 206 CLICK HERE TO VIEW

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fresh Quito Magazine Fashion Show Recap

Last Thursday there Tony Bregga, the founder of the soon to be released Fresh Quito Magazine had a fashion show and also a birthday party at a penthouse in Manhattan. It was cool and classy. The memo was wear all black, because he was going to stand out wearing all white. So Danette and I ignored that memo and stood out with style like the way anyone wearing or repping Branded Baron should. I was called and asked to participate and it was exciting, even though it was really last minute. I was told beforehand what the sizes the models would be wearing, but obviously I should have listened to my gut. The sizes I was told were for big models and not thin models, so I brought them, but luckily I had some sizes for the thinner models. I'd like to thank Jules for modeling and Eddie as well. You see Jules rocking the Love Gambles All shirt(a href="">Click here to purchase).While the models were being sized up behind the scenes, I did meet some cool people. I like to shout out Yassa of Klusive and I look forward to working on a collaboration in the future.

Danette and I were chillin waiting for this event to start, because it was running behind. At one point there was a blank sheet of paper and she drew a dinosaur, bones of a dinosaur, and a hippo. I knew the Corp Cartel were going to be there, so once they arrived we chilled with them for a bit. I did get footage of Jay Wise, Chaos, and Tana kicking new verses, but unfortunately the lighting inside was bad, so I'm not going to upload. At least there were pictures taken of us on the rooftop with the Empire State Building behind us. No one told us when we were going to start, so when we found out we had to rush right into it. It went well, but sadly no pictures were taken of models on the runway. The hostess wasn't sure when we were going to start, but at least we showcased for them. Overall it was cool and I like to thank Bregga and Fresh Quito, just I think a heads up beforehand on everything would be better, but you'll see Branded Baron the magazine is released on the east coast.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Enjoy the pictures of what we did get before the fashion show started.

Danette with her Branded Baron that she designed, Me, the hostess, and guest
Close up of us. Anthony left early, so he missed being in the picture

Jay Wise & Fresh Quito Magazine owner, Tony Bregga
Corp Cartel & Branded Baron
Just in case you didn't know we were in Manhattan
Corp Cartel(Tana, Chaos, & Jay Wise)
Joe & Bregga
Um you're not pointing at the Empire State Building lol

New Song-Jay Wise "1's Up in the Air"

Jay Wise recorded this song today and it is about those that have passed. It just so happened that Guru of Gang Starr died today, so it fits to have this song released. Listen to this and maybe this will remind of the person that touched you in your life. Like the phrase that's on the Branded Baron thermal, "Life is changed, not ended"

Jay Wise "1's Up in the Air" produced by Melo-X

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair-Saturday April 17th

Here is another event that the Branded Baron team will be selling Branded Baron shirts. Oh and we'll have an exclusive shirt available there that will not be available at the online store, making it a very limited edition shirt. So come down this Saturday to Jersey City, purchase something, chill, or both.

The event is from 11 a.m.-2p.m.
2nd Annual Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair
Parlay Studios
161 2nd street
Jersey City, NJ

There will be bands playing and a raffle. It should definitely a good time, so come out. More info at

Click on the photos to enlarge.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

MUSIC MONDAY-Jay Wise download & TOST video

Check out the latest song from Jay Wise & the debut video from the Croatian band TOST.

Download the song "Boarding Pass" by Jay Wise, Young Tana, & Wiz Khalfa HERE

TOST's debut music video

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pick the Correct Champion Contest Winner

Alrighty, People! It is time to choose the winner for the "Pick the Correct Champion" contest. Since everyone who e-mailed us did not pick Frankie Edgar over B.J. Penn there will be only one winner. Everyone chose Anderson Silva to win, so the names were placed in a hat and the winner that was picked......was.......Joshua Wood from California. Congratulations to him and thank you to everyone who participated. I don't know when we will have another contest, but do not hesitate to purchase some Branded Baron shirts. We make sure we bring quality from the design to the shirt that you're wearing, plus you never know if any goodies make it to your doorstep as well.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Pick the Correct Champion Contest- UFC112 contest

Join our "Pick The Correct Champions Contest"! Pick your way into our free raffle to win one of our tees! Pick the correct winners to Saturday's Championship bouts and we at Branded Baron will throw your name into our free raffle. The lucky winner gets not only the gratification of guessing the correct winners of Saturday's MMA fights, but a Branded Baron Tee. One winner for each bout or a very lucky two shirt winner. All you have to do is send us your Name, Address, Size, and Your Picks for Saturday's MMA bout (Choices are below) to The Raffle will take place on Sunday and the winner's will be announced. Good Luck, Everyone!

Middleweight Championship: Anderson Silva(current champ) OR Demian Maia

Lightweight Championship: BJ Penn(current champ) OR Frankie Edgar

No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,
Branded Baron Vice-President

Branded Baron designs for Basketball

I know Basketball season is pretty much over for everyone, but the NBA, so I'd like to share some designs that were made for two local teams. I used to play basketball when I was younger for this traveling team and I was happy that Steve, the person who's in charge came up with the idea of having exclusive Branded Baron shirts made for the kids who play on those teams now. Anthony and I also played in their winter and summer basketball leagues, so it seemed right. I was glad he approached Branded Baron and we were able to create something hot and support the team. St. Michael's was the name of the team and the organization who always had the celtics as their mascot, so that's why you see the shamrock playing into the design. I thought it would be great to incorporate the celtic designs into it while of course giving it a basketball feel. Their were two designs used for warm up shirts for two of the travelling teams and it was cool to see one of the designs on the basketball jersey warmups used for the oldest basketball team in their organization. The back looked good with their motto "Hustle Pride Desire" underneath the shamrock with the Branded Baron logo. I felt like Branded Baron was an upcoming Nike sponsoring a team. Also, Steve is the head coach for the high school team he works at and we collaborated on creating something hot for them. The teens wanted diamonds, so we created something that crazy. I'd like to thank Steve for the support and I am happy that Branded Baron was able to provide something cool to the teams. It felt good to give back to the community.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Recap: Brooklyn Indie Market

Yesterday was a beautiful Spring day and in Brooklyn Branded Baron apparel was being sold. The Brooklyn Indie Market is a great place for designers to sell their fashion or accessories and I believed Branded Baron would fit right in. I packed my car with fellow Branded Baron helper,supporter, and my girlfriend, Tiffany with the Branded Baron items and left Jersey to head into Brooklyn. Danette, one of the Branded Baron models and designers would eventually meet us there to help out, so I knew we had a good team to help the customers.

As we arrived at the Brooklyn Indie Market(located on Smith Street & Union Street) I saw the big red and white tent with the Brooklyn Indie Market banner and was excited. I was pleased to find out that the kiosk I got to use was on the side of the street with a great visibility by all people passing by. Tiff and I set up the kiosk where it looked appealing and showed the variety of shirts.

From 11-6:30 we were selling. It was good to see people walking by checking out the shirts, complimenting, especially with the highest compliment which was purchasing a shirt or two. Since the March Madness sale is still going on, all the apparel had the sale prices. I liked being able to speak to everyone and seeing which designs they liked. I have to say yesterday's popular purchases were the "Gamer" shirt and the "Listen To Your Heart" design on all of the different color choices that were available. I forgot to take pictures of everyone who purchased, but I did remember at one point, so there are a couple of people holding up the Branded Baron shirts they will soon wear. It was cool to see Ray the owner of the clothing companyLowdtown to stop by and chat it up for awhile. Ray showed Danette and I a quick glimpse of a new design he's working on. He has a current sale on his site as well if you want to check it out.

I did bring some sweatshirts and it seemed odd, since it was so warm out and the sun was hitting us making it even warmer, but I knew it would get chilly later on. At one point of the day it went from nice to being really chilly. We were given a heater, which was great, but it was pretty difficult to keep three people warm with a small heater.

Overall, the experience was fun and I think Branded Baron will be back at the Brooklyn Indie Market another day and hopefully we'll have some new shirts.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Now for more pictures & video

The video was straight to the point.

This is the kiosk before it was filled with Branded Baron apparel.

Apparently when I looked up, I saw Tiff taking a picture of me setting up.

This is a cool picture.

She definitely liked the Listen To Your Heart t-shirt.
She came through with her guitar and picked up a small "Astrohop" t-shirt.

Ray from Lowdtown and I chatting it up.

Tiffany sitting down waiting to help the next customer to come on by.

Danette was talking to someone and I had to eat at some point, but look at the presentation of the shirts on the table.

The ladies of Branded Baron

I was a little disappointed Danette was had a cheesier smile than me. lol We had a fun yesterday.

Random Branded Baron Video

Here are just two random videos that are up. One's a quick reminder about Branded Baron and just me trying to gather some inspiration for the summer line while at a beach down in Maryland. The other video, well...that little clip is a video that everyone at Branded BAron doesn't know what to make out of it, except get a quick chuckle. The best part about it is the "Love Gambles All" t-shirt(available for guys and girls.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Win Free Branded Baron Apparel @!

As you may know, Branded Baron was featured on the popular online street wear website a couple a months ago. Now we partnered with the site to give everyone a chance to win some Branded Baron apparel. In order for you to win visit the website and post on comment on article about Branded Baron. Go here

4 Winners will be chosen
Prizes being given away are: 1 Branded Baron beanie, 2 Branded Baron t-shirts, & 1 Carpe Diem sweatshirt.
Contest ends April 2nd

**Image shown does not necessarily show the shirts that will be give away, except for the beanie.
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