Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Branded: Rocking the Red Astrohop t-shirt

It's been awhile since I posted a picture of a Branded Baron fan rocking a t-shirt. Here's one. To view for more go to: The Branded Photo Album

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Friday, July 30, 2010

"Soul Exchange Live" Show Recap

What's going on everyone?! I hope you're enjoying yourself, especially since it's the summer. I should've posted it right after, but last week Jay Wise and myself were invited to appear on the internet radio show "Soul Exchange Live" on The show was recorded just in case you missed the livestream feed that Tuesday and there are the youtube videos below. If you want to read my experience and thoughts about the show then continue on this literal journey.

Like I stated earlier, I was invited as well as the rest of the Branded Baron crew to come on the show after meeting DJ Brown Boi and DJ Lady Essence at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. Unfortunately the others who are in charge such as Anthony and Danette could not make it. I asked if I could bring Jay Wise along, since I knew it was a hip hop show and thought it would be more exposure and he's a big supporter of Branded Baron. The okay was given and I was excited for the show.

I picked up Jay Wise and drove to the station which was in Mt. Vernon, New York. I think so, but that is besides the point. On the way there I was listening to all the newest material that Jay Wise recorded either with his group the Corp Cartel or his solo songs. Let me tell you, that the songs are hoooot. His "Pre-fresh Volume 1.5" mixtape is being released sometime next week on the net and the "Pre-Fresh 2" will be released shortly after it. He gets better every time he records and all honesty he should be signed and played on heavy rotation.

We arrive at the station, but I wouldn't have known it, because it looked like an abandoned office building on the outside. DJ Brown Boi came downstairs to open up the door and BOOM! Guess what he was wearing? If you guessed a winer bubble jacket, you're wrong. He was rocking the black Listen To Your Heart t-shirt He brought us upstairs to the station where I saw Lady Essence rocking the aqua Listen to your heart female t-shirt.  I was introduced to Mike Thompson who was the other radio personality in this Soul Exchange trio. There was this big banner with a bunch of autographs in the hallway and one in the room. There were a bunch of cameras and I expected that being that it was going to be livestream show. We arrived quite early, so everyone was setting up. I know Jay Wise and I were tweeting about the show all night. He tweeted a lot, because everytime he would talk about it the Branded Baron account would be one of the couple that directed the message to.

Once the show started it was cool and we were vibing out to what was being talked about and played. The first person to play music was DJ Brown Boi and his set had a good selection of songs. If you saw me during that time, you would've seen me just acting like a fool. I thought, "I'm going to enjoy myself and if I like song, I'm going to vibe to it" and if the show was visible to those tuning in, then I'm going to have you make you wonder what is going on. After DJ Brown Boi played his set we got to business. Mike started to interview me and we got to talk about Branded Baron. I definitely joked around a lot during the interview, but I made sure I answered the questions. Jay Wise definitely helped me out too. We definitely had poked some fun at the expense of Myspace, made sure that you have to keep it "Stunningly Fresh", talking about Nike giving us endorsement checks and other various topics. Let be clear again, because I being texted and people were tweeting to me, I am not getting married. I don't know how that was brought up, I was only joking with Mike who is getting married pretty damn soon.(Congrats, Mike) When you watch the video, I didn't formally introduce him, because I was trying to find the best time to introduce him to those tuning in. It worked out, because like expected he was interviewed and they played the Corp Cartel's "Do You Want Me"(Listen and/or Download Here) That's probably one of my favorite songs and I'm glad Brown Boi chose to play that one, because Jay nor I knew which song they were going to play.

After the song was complete there was some more fun conversation and DJ Lady Essence did her thing! It's really cool when Djs rock your shirt while spinning, whether it's at a club or in a radio station, it's just cool. Again thanks for the support from all the DJs out there rocking Branded Baron. Jay and I thought it'd be cool just to stay for the rest of the show and everyone was cool with it. There was some pizza, so we ate some and drank some refreshing water. They interviewed another rapper Mr. Low, who interrupted my interview which was on a high note. Pun intended. lol He seemed like a good dude and he had some good songs. He has a performance with Faith Hill in the Bronx coming up. You can check out his fan page at At one point I engaged in the conversation here and there, since I was by a microphone. I was checking the chat and speaking with everyone who was on there and watching the show.

What was great was the verses being kicked by Jay Wise and Mr. Low. Yea for some reason everyone thought I was going to rap, but I didn't. I PROMISE I'll do it next time I'm on there. It's always entertaining to here the skills from the emcees on the spot.

The show ended well and if you watched you heard me say the discount code that you can use. We took photos and signed the banner before heading out. I have to say that I had fun and it's a show you should check out on Tuesday nights when you get a chance. I was listening to it this past Tuesday, it messed with me watching Wipeout, but luckily tv has a mute button. They're cool and stunningly fresh people and I would like to be on it sometime in the future. Definitely go to on Tuesdays from 9-11pm.

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

To view all the pictures go click here To view all the videos and previous Soul Exchange Live shows visit What has been posted is only some of the footage for Jay Wise and myself, so check out the youtube channel to view the whole show.

The interview with myself starts at 6:32

More of the interview from the beginning

More of the interview from the beginning of the video and Dj Lady Essence spinning

Let the rappers rap!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Branded Baron Preview: Jay Wise's "Speed of Sound"

I wanted to post this on Music Monday, but got caught up with business. Now I want you to check out this hot new preview from Jay Wise. This song preview feels like a short song, but there's more to it on his new mixtape "The Pre-Fresh Volume 1.5" This new compilation will be available soon, but in the meantime enjoy this preview. When you listen to the first couple of a seconds, you'll know exactly why I posted this. 
To listen and/or download click here:
If you want to listen to the previous "Pre-Fresh" mixtape you can go here: 

Here's a little trivia for you, I designed the cover art. Look out for more to come and enjoy.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Branded: Rocking the lady's "Space Can" tee

I received a picture of someone wearing the female "Space Can" shirt and it's good to see especially since there are a couple pictures of guys rocking that design. For all the women that are interested, let me tell you we have 1 left in stock.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Poll: Would you like to see a Branded Baron poster printed?

For some time I've been thinking of printing up a limited amount of posters to have for sale at a pretty good price with an awesome design on it. There is debate among the Branded Baron squad about this and what particular design we would use, so we decided to have YOU help us decide. Hey I think a nice print framed of a very cool art piece hanging on the wall is always a great touch for the house, apartment, office, etc. So please do take a couple seconds to answer it.

Click the link below to answer

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8 at 8 SALE!

Starting at 8p.m. eastern, there will be a sale on a couple shirts that will cost you guessed it $8! It will last ONLY for 1 hour. Maybe we'll do this type of sale again. Pick up a shirt at $8! That's one crazy hell of a deal!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Branded Baron + Jay Wise on Soul Exchange Live TONIGHT 9-11p.m. e/t

Tonight watch and listen as myself and Jay Wise are interviewed on Soul Exchange Live tonight. Go to They have a live video feed, so you can see our freshness live in your room! You can chat while on and if you missed it by some sort of freak accident where you couldn't watch the show, they do have a youtube channel DJ Brown Boi and DJ Lady Essence are Branded Baron, because they bought the Listen To Your Heart t-shirts at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.

If you have any questions please go online or call 718-705-4959
Unfortunately Danette or Anthony can't make it, but I can only ask so many times. Hey, some people get shy when they're on camera or on the radio being interviewed. I definitely know some people would like to know Danette's inspiration for her designs. Don't worry, I'll make sure everything is answered and that our segment is fun. Plus, you'll get to find out a bit more about Jay Wise.

Time is a tickin, I hope you enjoy the show later today. I'm off to shave, so I can look oh so stunningly fresh.

One more thing, listen for  a discount code when I'm on the show.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another car Branded Baron

Here's another car that's Branded Baron. I showed you the decal a couple days ago and here it is. I have a limited amount in white AND red. If you're interested in having one e-mail

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Cool Photo of the day

This is a cool photo and figured I'd post it.

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P.S. Right now there's only 2 Blue Astrohop tees left and the chances of a reprint is slim.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rock Your Body Mix by Gian Sound Cloud

Listen to the new house, techno, progressive mix from DJ Gian Martorella. He's the one that was rocking the Branded Baron shirt while spinning at NYC's Pacha club.
Rock Your Body Mix by Gian Sound Cloud

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival 2010 Recap

This past Saturday was the 6th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. I didn't know what to expect, but I made a goal to have fun and let people know about Branded Baron. My goal was reached.

At this festival I had fellow Branded Baron supporters Tiffany and Keith help me out. We arrived early, because I didn't know how the traffic going into the city would be. We were early and we were given a pretty good spot. We were right near the entrance, which was great, because everyone had to walk by our tent. We forgot chairs, so Tiff went to go get us some chairs while Keith and I set up the tent. Sound check was in the background and we had a decent spot to check the performances when they occurred later. As the set up was being put together, I saw Qn5 Music's Brooklyn emcee PackFM. He came by to check what we had and he told us that he was performing as a guest on one of the roster's sets. Unfortunately I missed his feature and a bunch of the performances, because it was a busy day with all the people coming by. I was able to see a few performances and capture a view on video. Set up was fine and I got to see how some people promoted their stuff. One vendor had a DJ playing for the whole day. No matter where you went you heard music.

Once the start of event was open to the public, it was sell, sell, sell. I actually was nervous to see what the response of the designs we offered would be. I know the designs are hot, but there's always that thought in the back of the mind that maybe they aren't. Plus, there were a couple vendors that also sold t-shirts, so the competition was stiff. Luckily the response was huge favorable one. When the first person bought a shirt, I felt a bit at ease. Like I said earlier, I did not know what to expect. I thought I forgot the sign up sheet for the mailing list, but I somehow found it a couple hours later, but thanks to those who signed up. I had some new stickers printed up for the event and we gave them away to anyone who came to the table. Tiff told me after the event that one person came by to take the sticker, because all the people she was with and saw had one. That made me feel good, even though it wasn't a shirt the Branded Baron name was out with the unofficial mascot, the Astronaut from our "Astrohop" tee.

I met a bunch of cool people. Photographers took photos of the three of us and I was interviewed by a couple people. Shout out to Vanissa Chan and Robert Adam Mayer for the photos. Check out soon for one of the video interviews. I'll post the video interview when it is available. I met artists, rappers, a guy who has a social networking site for underground rappers, and DJs such as DJ Brown Boi and DJ Lady Essence of the online radio show "Soul Exchange". They want me to stop by, so hopefully I'll be up there soon. You can listen to them every Tuesday on or see previous episodes on youtube. Dez from Fly Kickz stopped by and said hello. She should've had a booth and shown off the customized sneakers she does. The variety of people at this festival was great, because everyone was there in positive spirits and wanted to have fun. It was a cool community definitely. Keith had fun interacting with people that he didn't want to leave the tent, now that's a people person.

It was great to hear the performances during the day. Whoever had the live band killed it early in the day. The music kept a cool vibe while selling and meeting people. I left the tent a couple times to check out the performances and see what else was around, since it was also family day. There was a separate section dedicated to info on Hip hop and people to have fun with their families showing the positivity of Hip Hop. They had a capeoria group perform, some artists spraying their art, games, and more. I'm a bit bummed that I forgot about the artists, because I wanted to see their final paintings. Well you can see the progress of their work.

One of my highlights was I saw someone walk into the festival rocking the Gamer t-shirt. At first, I thought that it looked like mine,  but when I saw the logo on the sleeve I knew it was. It was L.I.F.E.Long's buddy who bought one of the shirts when I was at Real Deal radio. I took a pic of him and his pal, rapper Premonition pointing to the shirt. He even hooked me up with fellow emcee C-Rayz Walz. I've been a fan of his and you'll soon see him rocking on stage with Branded Baron lion king tee. I  am listening to his cd "Free Rayz Walz" right now as I type this which I got from him.

The downside of the day was it rained twice. The first time wasn't bad, but the second time was pretty hard and lasted for awhile. Luckily we had a tent, but if we didn't the Brooklyn Bridge would've covered us somewhat Some random guy came under the tent with the three cups of beer. I know what you're thinking, he's an alcoholic, but he said he bought 2 beers for a couple of girls that he just met, because they bought him pizza. Once he saw the girls, because apparently they were paying to come inside to the festival, he joined them with their beer. He went on his way, but I believe Tiff or Keith put a Branded Baron sticker on his back while I was talking to him. He left Branded Baron. lol
(Buckshot  Duckdown Records)

The performances were cool and I'm glad I saw what I was able to see. Aquil, Fashawn, Masta Ace, Buckshot, Smif-N-Wessun, CL Smooth and Pete Rock, Black Sheep and De La Soul were some of the performers. Keith and I were watching Black Sheep's performance from the view we had behind out tent. Now I can't help by think of the KIA commercial with the hip hop hamsters when I hear "This or That". That commercial is funny, but the crowd definitely liked the performance. The whole park was packed by the end of the day and we didn't realize it, because people walked by the tent all throughout the day so it didn't seem much. The one person I wanted to see perform was Masta Ace. I'm a fan of his and I almost missed his set, but luckily I recognized his one song and left the tent. He brought Craig G up to perform their parts in the classic song from the Juice Crew, "The Symphony". De La Soul did their thing when they got on stage, they were the headliner.
(De La Soul's Set)

The most memorable sale that day was when we were about to load the car with everything we had at the end of the day. The Branded Baron tent was down and everyone was not near the area, we were by the car. One customer who bought a shirt earlier came up to us and wanted to buy another "Stunningly Fresh" shirt. I found out he was going to a birthday party after and that shirt was going to be the present to the birthday boy. I love it when people buy Branded Baron shirts as a gift for someone knowing that they're going to like it.

The whole day was fun and definitely glad people like what Branded Baron has to offer. More people are looking stunningly fresh. I really would like to come back next year. I'd like to thank the Brooklyn Bodega Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival staff, everyone who stopped by whether they bought something or talked with us for a bit, Tiff, and Keith. It was fun and the whole event was a good representation of the Hip Hop culture.

Here are some more photos & video taken from the event.

C-Rayz Walz

Keith during set up

Me & Keith

Tiff looking all young like she's still in high school

End of the day, people are closing up shop.

More videos at

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

De La Soul performance at Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival 2010

I will post the recap soon. In the meantime here's a performance from De La Soul who headlined the performances at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival 2010.

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spain Wins World Cup Final-Branded Baron Contest Winner is...

After a long game, the Spaniards have claimed their first World Cup championship with a 1-0 victory. Although many of the people who participated in the Branded Baron contest predicted the Netherlands would win, a few selected Spain. The winner was randomly selected and it was Christopher from California. Unfortunately and surprisingly no one chose a 1-0 victory, so no one won the score prediction. Keep checking back for new sales, sneek peaks, contests, and more!

"WORLDCUP" discount code that gives you 15% off your entire purchase ends on Tuesday July 13.
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Car vinyl for the car?

I was sent a picture of the latest sticker to be created from my friend and big supporter Frankie. These vinyl stickers fit well on the car and only what is white is stuck. There is no blue background is only the background. I'll show what it looks like when it's on a car. Only a very very limited amount will be made. Stay Tuned!

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival 7/10

Branded Baron will be a vendor at this year's Brooklyn Hip Hop festival. July 10th will be the day where you can have fun with the activities on Family Day and see some cool performances. Brooklyn Bodega has made the BK Hip Hop Festival '10 a week's worth of events. Check out the site to see what other great events are happening, before the finale on Saturday. 
From the website:

The culmination of the 2010 programming. Old School, New School, Funk, Soul, Local, and International artists will converge upon downtown Brooklyn and the waterfront for a full day of the best Hip-Hop music our culture has to offer.
Check Out These Featured Artists: De La SoulSmif N WessunBlack MoonBlack Milk, Masta Ace, SkyzooMoney Making Jam BoysCurren$yFashawn, Rakka Iriscience, DJ Babu, J Dilla Ensemble, Dj Parler, Those Chosen, Aquil, Pete Rock, CL Smooth, DJ Das 

We'll definitely be having a lot of fun and hope to gain some new Branded Baron fans. It's at Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, which is located under the Brooklyn Bridge in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn at 26 New Dock Street. Time: 12pm-7pm

Purchase your tickets here:

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Predict winner of Final World Cup Match for a chance to win a Branded Baron shirt!

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is coming to an end, but before that happens let's have another Branded Baron contest. There have been upset, shocking calls, and great matches, so we thought let's have fun with all you soccer hooligans. We'll be giving away two shirts. The Rules are simple, predict who wins the World Cup Championship: Spain or Netherlands and the score of the game. You have until the beginning of the game on July 11. One person will be selected randomly out of the people who have predicted the correct team. The same rule applies to anyone who predicts the correct score.Please e-mail predictions to with the Subject "WORLD CUP CONTEST".

REMEMBER we do have a discount code. "worldcup" will get you 15% off your entire order when ordering Branded Baron apparel.

We are not a sponsor nor a partner of FIFA. We are fans and want to see the sport of soccer/football be enjoyed by others.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Urban Legends Shop

I stopped by Urban Legends Shop the other day and saw that they made their store a lot more interesting. I definitely like the graff that they added on the outside of the store. Here's a little video of inside the store and you see Branded Baron shirts. Cool store definitely check it out.

6128 Park Avenue
West New York, NJ, 07093
1(201) 758-8898
Mon - Thurs:
10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Fri - Sat:
10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Stay No Less Than Stunningly Fresh,