Monday, March 11, 2013

Tonedeff -Glutton EP

For those that do not know, I've been a fan of Tonedeff and the whole Qn5 Music squad for over ten years. I'm a fan and I know some of my friends have been annoyed by me trying to put them on to them. Some of them enjoyed them and their live performances, while others just heard them whenever I played it. If you're a fan of quality good music then I will forward you to it. Tonedeff started off as a hip hop artist and grown into a full musician. The reason I say that is he makes music of different genres, adopting all of them for his own pleasure. 

Yes, he raps, but it's not that he just creates hip hop, especially with his latest project. His newest EP, "GLUTTON", is the newest Tonedeff project in 8 years. His sound is completely different compared to his debut album Archetype. This EP has more dance/electronic tracks with a more adult theme. I tweeted that his song "Filthy" is the XXX version of "Pervert". As much as a fan favorite Pervert is, this should definitely knock the boots off people who listen to this with it's sexually charged lyrics and it's porn vibrating bass beat. "Centerfold" is probably my favorite song, which has inspired me to work more on my more pin up illustrations. 

The music has substance and you should listen to it over and over. You can listen to it for free on his bandcamp or you can make a donation this an artist who has put his time to make quality music. This project is 1/4 of his full album entitled "Polymer".  It combines all the EPs that will be released as 1 full album with other goodies. You can purchase that here

If you ever wonder one of the influences to provide you with quality and awesome products, Qn5 music is one of them.

Oh, in case you haven't see Tonedeff with his own Branded Baron tee, here you go.

Stay no less than Stunningly Fresh,

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